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~ Great Expectations of 2007 ~

*Prestige x Wellington (Laura Keur Elite Sport Dressage)*
It's a Filly!!!
Cintaura CR
Born Mother's Day - May 13, 2007

*Olympic Silvano N x Olympic Ahorn (Sacha Prok)*
It's a Colt!!!
Classico CR
Born July 26, 2007


*Balou du Rouet x Orame (Visa)*
It's a Filly!!!
Coco Chanel CR
Born May 29, 2007

~ In-utero sales are available ~

~ Some of the 2006 Successes ~

Atacha and her dam Sacha
Atacha was the Pineland Farms Breed Show winner of Yearling Class, Filly Championship, Young Horse Championship, and THEN Reserve Grand Champion of the Entire Show!

Weltina Ster and her dam Sacha
Weltina Ster ~ Best Mover of the Keuring Award ~ Top Ten 2006 KWPN-NA Keuring Tour

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August 5
We received some great news about Bronson (Navarone x Sacha) from his new owners in Florida. We cannot tell you how wonderful it is to receive emails like these about the horses we have bred that have gone on to such great owners!  Sacha's foals are such treasures.

"I wanted to give you an update on Bronson. He is doing well with training. We are spending a lot of time on day to day stuff. His mind has been exceptional. He learns quickly and I might add energetically. There is no drag in his step. His growth has been good and he finally grew a Florida coat. We could not have asked for a better horse. All is well." 

July 29
Sorry for any delay in emails or phone calls but after 14 years we decided to make it official and were married this past weekend. It was a beautiful intimate wedding with our immediate families in a gazebo on the shore of Buck Lake with a perfect summer sunset. Who could ask for more?

BIG NEWS worth the wait...Sacha delivered another jewel on July 26th to add to her treasure chest of the rarest gems. Classico, Olympic Silvano N x Olympic Ahorn, is a VERY BIG sabino chestnut colt with a huge blaze and 4 white socks. He is the tallest foal we have had to date and is perfect in everyway. He was up and standing on his first try and hasn't laid down since! VERY FANCY colt with an unlimited future! Olympic Silvano N was a grand prix jumper before turning to the Grand Prix dressage ring with Conrad Schumacher and Ellen Bontje which turned into years of winning on the Dutch team and Olympic medals.

Olympic Silvano N x Olympic Ahorn

July 23
Congratulations to Laura Frantzen on the purchase of Coco Chanel
! Coco is a gorgeous jet black filly that loves doing acrobats in the field.  She is so athletic and her jumping talent shines through with some very good movement as well.   We look forward to seeing Laura and Coco in the California jumper ring in a few years!

We finally have some new pictures and video of Devino! This big boy is quite stunning to look at with strong fluid movement and has an absolute wonderful temperament. He is going to make some lucky person very happy!

July 8
Rare Opportunity!

This year there are big changes that are happening in our home life with the coming addition to our own family and we are making some very difficult decisions with the horses and are offering Laura Keur Elite Sport Dressage for sale in foal for 2008 to the legendary Olympic Silvano N. This decision has taken a long time and we aren't guaranteeing we won't change our mind yet...she truly is a VERY special mare.

Laura is a once in a lifetime horse!

June 18
All the mares and foals are doing super even with all this wet weather we have been having lately. I hope the summer sunshine returns soon!  We are anxiously waiting for Sacha's special foal to come at the end of July.

We have decided to put Coco Chanel CR for sale. We have our own 'special surprise' coming at the beginning of August and know there won't be a lot of time this year for these incredible foals! Check out the sales page for more information on Coco. It is a great opportunity to own a fabulously bred black beauty!

June 7
Congratulations to Kathy Davey on the purchase CINTAURA
! Kathy has been wanting a foal from Laura and when Laura foaled such a stunning filly this year Kathy came to see Cintaura as soon as she could and it was at match! There has been quite a demand for this dressage powerhouse filly. Everything about Cintaura is so perfect. She has breathtaking movement, elegance and power, beauty and above all a wonderful personality. We can't wait to see Kathy and Cintaura in the dressage ring in a few years!

We feel so blessed this year with such beautiful fillies!  After seeing Cintaura we're really excited to see Sacha's foal by Olympic Silvano N (Prestige's sire) coming in July. Coco Chanel is getting more beautiful each day!

We also received a WONDERFUL update from the young rider whom bought Chevel aka 'Hershey' an Oldenburg gelding we bred a few years ago.  It is truly wonderful to get such updates about the horses we have breed and sold to such great people that have done such a fabulous job developing the horse's potential and talent. Thank-you to all!

I thought I should update you on how he's coming along. We've recently shown him at the Bow Valley Classic at Anderson Ranch and at the recent show in Northlands. He has been competing in the 1.00 meter and 1.10 classes posting consistent clear rounds. He loves to jump! We have a few pictures of him and he always puts in a tremendous effort over the fence clearing it by at least 6 inches every time. He has the potential to jump much higher than he his now and is very brave. He doesn't ever stop at fences. I enjoy riding him alot and will be competing him in the Spruce Meadows Skyliner, Canada One and North American competitions in the 1.10m division and depending on how that goes (because of his greeness) maybe bump up a division. If you've got some time you should come watch him because he really is worth seeing. Thanks for breeding such a great horse. He is really going to be something. - Alexis"

May 30
We have another filly! Coco Chanel is a beautiful midnight BLACK filly with 4 whites and a blaze by Balou du Rouet. Very fancy girl! She is so black she almost shines blue. Visa delivered textbook perfect at 12:10am May 29. Mother and daugher are doing really well! 


May 24
Sorry things are taking so long lately but I finally have some pictures of our new beauty queen Cintaura!  She is such a dynamic mover to watch... if you have seen Prestige move then you already know how she moves right along side her incredible dam.

Practicing the Pirouette!

May 15
We had the most wonderful Mother's Day Surprise!!! At 12:20am Sunday morning Laura delivered a stunning Prestige filly with a dainty china doll head, huge shoulder and very uphill build. This girl knows how to make an entrance! She is a dark bay with a big star and cute snip. We are very impressed by this gorgeous girl - she has so much presence already! More pictures and name coming soon...

April 30
Witaura and Allianda have arrived safe and sound at their new home in New Mexico. They are settling in really well. Jane has already been riding Witaura and she is entered in her first show in a couple weeks time. Very exciting! Allianda will be having another year to finish growing in big open pastures before starting her career.

Bronson has arrived in sunny Florida!  Quite a change of pace from our terribly cold spring here in Alberta.  Reports are that he is doing really well and he is shedding his winter furries like crazy!

April 22

Congratulations to Jane and John Bagwell of New Mexico on the purchase of both mares Witaura and Allianda. Jane has a Flemmingh/Wellington gelding she bought from Edward Gal in Holland that she competes 4th/PSG. She loves the cross so much she bought both our mares with the same bloodlines as her gelding. Witaura's breeding almost identical and Allianda's the inverse. 

It was wonderful to meet Jane and John when they flew up to spend a couple days with the girls. After watching Jane ride Witaura we knew it was a great match. Jane brought so much out of Witaura in such a short time and Witaura was so happy. Allianda gave us a few laughs as she showed off 'her stuff' around the arena. 

Witaura and Allianda left for their new home with Jane and John in New Mexico today. They both have very comfortable box stalls for the entire trip!  We know they will be excited to have some drier ground after the weeks of snow/rain we have had that has left us with some very muddy pens and pastures. We look forward to hearing about both mares successes in the future!

Bronson also left for his new home in Florida on Saturday. We were so impressed by this boy for loading onto the huge semi-truck and trailer! He just walked up the big ramp and into boxstall and was ready for his new adventure!

It was pretty sad around here this weekend with Witaura, Allianda and Bronson leaving but we look forward to Laura's Prestige foal due in the next couple of weeks to add some new joy!!!

April 15

Awesome 2 for 1 deal on our sales page! Visa in foal to Balou du Rouet is available for sale.  We are leasing Visa for the season but her owner is looking to sell her and with our own baby on the way we are going to be limited in time and have agreed.  This foal, Balou du Rouet x Orame, should be able to jump the moon with such a loaded pedigree of the best in jumping breeding – Baloubet du Rouet, Indoctro, Capitol, Ramiro, Alme Z, Cor de la Bryere, Contender and more!

March 30

Congratulations to the Callahan's of Florida on the purchase of the exceptional colt Bronson.  Bronson is by Navarone out of our treasure producer Sacha.  Bronson is a wonderful mover and has the Olympic bloodlines to be very talented jumper.  His future will be full of successes. I am sure he will definitely enjoy the 'big change' of weather in sunny Florida compared to the very cold spring we are having this year!!!

February 20

We finally have some new footage of Witaura completed and uploaded to Witaura's page. The weather has not been cooperating for videos - we received almost 3 feet of snow. We attempted to clear some of the snow to make an area for her but the footing was still not the best. Witaura still loves to strut her stuff!!! 

We also completed some footage of Allianda and uploaded it to Allianda's page.  She is turning into one spectacular filly!

January 21
Flemmingh receives the award for being the Best Dressage Horse Producer in the USA by the USEF - United States Equestrian Federation!  Flemmingh leads the pack by far - way to go Flemmingh!!!

We have decided with all the new foals coming in the spring and our own recent news that we will also be expecting a baby next summer that we will reduce the sale price for Bronson.  He is a real treasure with much sought after bloodlines. It is a wonderful opportunity to own an offspring from Sacha whom is one of our top producing mares. He has loads of talent for sport and a wonderful and kind temperament to truly enjoy!

January 1

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We have had some email issues for the past few weeks.  If you did not receive a reply to an email please resend it and we'll make sure to get back to you right away!

November 9

Weaning commenced a couple weeks ago and everyone is settling into the new routine. We have had quite a bit of snow already and this has provided for some frolicking fun for the foals. Winter has come too quickly this year so we are crossing our fingers for an early spring!

October 1

More Big News!!! We are so excited to hear of another success. Atacha just placed 6/7th out of a class of 38 of the best yearlings in North America at Dressage at Devon!!!  Her owner Debbie said "She handled everything extremely well, walked around the showgrounds like she had been there a dozen times. She is a very confident horse, nothing really bothers her. She didn't spook at anything, even in the large Dixon ring which is surrounded by grandstands full of people, all kinds of flower displays, etc. What a circus that place is, she was a real trooper." 

Here is a recent picture of Atacha. Debbie has done such a wonderful job with Atacha. Congratulations Debbie!

A video of Bronson is now completed and a web size version can be viewed on Bronson's page. Also new pictures of the beautiful Allianda on the sales page.

September 27
Weltina made the TOP TEN of the 2006 KWPN-NA Keuring Tour. We are so proud of her!  She is just 3 and it was her first trip (almost 3 hours) away from home!!! There are great things in this mares future.

New pictures of Bronson on the sales page and finally a VIDEO! Bronson loves to move and strut his stuff just like his 1/2 sister's Weltina Ster and Atacha. What jewels Sacha produces.

September 20
Sacha, dam of Weltina Ster (below) and Atacha (left), is in foal to Olympic Silvano N for a 2007 foal. Olympic Silvano N has often been the highest ranked FEI Dressage stallion in the world, in a long and brilliant career. Silvano N was ridden by Ellen Bontje for the Dutch equestrian team. Conrad Schumacher (their trainer) calls Silvano "the best stallion in the world". Silvano N was 6th at the Sydney Olympics in Grand Prix Dressage, and was part of the silver medal Dutch team in Dressage. We have admired this stallion for a long time and are super excited for another rare 'jewel' from Sacha's treasure chest.

Atacha is going to Dressage at Devon! We will be cheering for Debbie and Atacha all the way!!!  Atacha just won 2nd at the NEDA Championships. Some of the comments were "elegant modern type, well-developed for age, nicely pronounced wither, harmonious development, supple connection, etc." The word "elegant" was used by two separate judges. Pretty awesome feat for such a young girl! 

September 13

WELTINA STER and Best Mover of the Keuring!!! 

After the last minute disappoinment of not being able to bring both fillies Weltina stole the day for us by earning her STER predicate and winning the big ribbon for BEST MOVER of the Keuring. She has always loved to strut her stuff and wowed everyone with her amazing implusive trot and flew over the huge oxers in the jumping with lots of room to spare. Sacha is an absolute jewel producer with her beautiful daughter's Weltina and Atacha great successes.


August 30
We tried Witaura free jumping and she thinks its great fun!  Who said Flemminghs can't jump too...

August 27
Atacha has done incredible again at only her 2nd show.  She had very high scores across the board.  We are so proud of Atacha and her wonderful new owner Debbie!

We have decided to keep Bravo as a stallion prospect. He is such a charismatic foal and is very special.

August 13
WOW BIG NEWS!!! I am quoting an email sent from Atacha's new owner Debbie Malcolmson:
"Just got back from the Pineland Farms Breed Show in Maine, where Atacha ruled supreme!!!

First she won her yearling filly class...........then she won the Filly Championship.........Then she won the Young Horse Championship (beating all of the colts).......THEN she won Reserve Grand Champion of the entire show!!!

We can both be very proud of her, she's simply "all that" and then some.   Her scores were extremely high across the board -- conformation, walk, trot and general impression.   She has already qualified to go into the USDF championship classes at NEDA in September.     The competition was quite stiff, with offspring by Sandro Hit, Neostan, Sir Sinclair and Painted Black to name a few.   "

We are so PROUD of Atacha and her wonderful new owner Debbie! Way to go both of you! We always knew she was a jewel like all of the rare gems in Sacha's treasure chest. Sacha's latest gem of a foal is even the color of gold!!!

August 12
Another new leaf we missed posting is the wonderful news that Weltina by Flemmingh x Sacha (Olympic Ahorn x Farrington) is in foal to the one and only KWPN stallion OOSeven (Rubinstein I x Doruto). Weltina is a rare jewel in her own right and we think the mix of some world renowned blood from Rubinstein I and Doruto will make for a dynamite dressage superstar!

With the events of late we have decided to potentially sell a few of the young prospects we have been keeping. If you are looking for something 'extra special' take a look at our sales page.

July 28
A new leaf has turned and we have a new beginning to announce. Visa by Orame is in foal to Balou du Rouet.  Balou du Rouet is producing some amazing horses and we expect great things with this cross.

July 22
It has taken us a few days to recover from the most horrifying foaling we have ever experienced – we lost both our amazing mare Polina Ster and her beautiful new colt by Feiner Stern on July 20. The foal was early at 316 days and quite big. We saw her begin foaling early in the morning. When nothing was appearing we immediately had a local vet out who was able to determine the foal was upside down and his front legs had tore through her uterus into her abdomen with each contraction she had. After a very difficult time the vet was able to get the foal out and miraculously the colt was breathing. He was a beautiful red bay just like his mom with a blaze and 4 socks. We did everything we could to stabilize him and just as we got him in the trailer to take him to a Vet Reproduction Specialist in Edmonton he stopped breathing in our arms and was gone. The local vet said there was a large tear in Polina’s uterus and we immediately took Polina in the Vet Reproduction Specialist in Edmonton. She was in shock and was hooked up to IV right away to stabilize her. After examination it was revealed she had huge tear through her uterus and into her abdomen as well as she had still not passed the placenta. Because of the location of the tear and its enormous size they were unable to do surgery and her prognosis for survival was very poor and would be painful. Jason and I were in complete devastation that we not only lost her beautiful foal but we were going to lose our beloved Polina too. It was the absolute hardest thing in the entire world to leave the clinic without Polina – even the vet was in tears. Polina was the absolute best throughout the whole tragic ordeal and the look in her eye was as if she knew. We loved her so much. She holds a very special place in our hearts and always will…

July 12
We missed posting that Laura Keur Elite Sport Dressage is back in foal for 2007 to the very prestigious KWPN stallion Prestige!  We have admired Prestige for awhile and he is excelling with his Dutch Olympic rider Edward Gal in Holland.  We expect this to be one impressive cross!

New page and pictures added for the stunning colt Bronson!   This colt has really unfolded into a beautiful and elegant colt that loves to show off doing pirouettes and passage. 

Practicing Passage at 4 days old!

July 5
Sacha did it again but for the first time ever it's a COLT!!!  This morning at 4:45am Sacha delivered a huge Navarone colt, Bronson, with the most shocking coloring Jason and I have seen. He is a cream or golden like a reddish dun or palomino color with some white socks to match his elaborate color and a dorsal stripe. He is super friendly and was already following us around the stall much to Sacha’s concern. He is a big strong colt and frolics around the stall like it was nothing already.

Of course Bravo was peeking over his stall trying to get a glimpse of his new long awaited friend!!!

More pictures of Bravo take July 1st are posted on his page and a new video clip is coming soon.  Wait till you watch this boy move....WOW!

June 8

We couldn't resist posting this picture. Bravo just loves hats so I gave him my ball cap - he is so proud of himself!  Bravo is one of the most loveable foals we've had - he nickers to you all the time, it's quite a conversation!  He is such a character and is already practicing his pirouettes!

We are still patiently waiting for more foals to come. Sacha is due around the beginning of July and Polina soon after that.

We have leased an KWPN mare by VDL Orame this year to hopefully breed to Balou du Rouet. Balou du Rouet is producing some simply gorgeous and very talented offspring just like himself. We expect great things from this cross. Just recently Orame was partly sold by the VDL Stud in Holland to US Olympic Grand Prix jumper rider Chris Kappler as his new mount. Chris Kappler lost his great mount Royal Kalibre after winning Team Gold and Individual Silver at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Orame will bring a new beginning of success!  

May 22

Finally a picture of this stunning BOY!

Flemmingh Preferent x Laura Keur Elite Sport Dressage

May 19
Congratulations to Kim Aasman on the purchase of Lianda Ster.   We imported Lianda in 2002 and she has given us some wonderful foals.  Lianda is a incredible mare with the best temperament (a Flemmingh again of course!!!).  Kim will be breeding Lianda this year and we look forward to seeing some more wonderful foals in the future years.

Laura's surprise Flemmingh colt, Bravo, arrived Sunday, May 14, to make it an extra special Mother's day!!!  We didn't expect her to foal for another week so she is turning into a sneaky pro at foaling!  This colt is just absolutely stunning - he is a dark brown with black points and star with 4 white socks. He looks just like his gorgeous full sister Witaura - I mean the markings are almost identical.  He has straight long legs, a very pretty head with a big eye, and really well muscled already and boy can he move. We immediately thought stallion prospect when we saw this Flemmingh colt - we couldn't have asked for more!

We just had some great news from Debbie Malcolmson that Atacha is settling in well at her new home and Debbie plans to take Atacha to 3 breed shows in New Hampshire, New York and Maine and if she handles that good she will take her to Devon. Very exciting!!!

May 6
Sad news with the unexpected death of Olympic Barbria. Under Tineke Bartels, Barbria competed at the 1996 and 1997 World Cup Finals and she won team silver at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Imke Schellekens-Bartels took over the ride on Barbria from her mother in 1997. The pair competed at the 1998 and 1999 World Cup Finals. More on Eurodressage...

Our Ster mare Polina looks a lot like Olympic Barbria. Polina's dam has very similar breeding to the famous Olympic Barbria - Doruto x Amor. Polina's sire is Olympic Lancet - lots of Olympic breeding in there.   Polina is in foal to the legendary Feiner Stern this year. 

April 6
With horse breeding season almost upon us we bought the cutest little "minny" stud, Skippy, to tease and help us keep those mares happy.  A teaser helps keep things more natural when using AI and hopefully higher pregnancy rates. Skippy also had a little friend and we just couldn't resist buying Archie too. So we have 2 new comers to our stable.  What a difference at feeding time - 32" as compared to 16.3hh.

March 13
Atacha left for her new home in New Hampshire with Debbie Malcolmson yesterday. She was such an amazing girl and walked up the big semi trailer ramp no problem! Debbie had some awful events happen recently.  We hope Atacha can bring some sunshine to Debbie!!! 

Sacha now has a dam line number: Breeding Family 1631!!!

January 16
It's a new year and there are more new happenings around here!

Congratulations to Debbie Malcolmson of Carnival Hill Farm on the purchase of the stunning KWPN filly Atacha. Atacha is by Metall out our amazing producer Sacha. From the pictures Debbie sent of her farm in New Hampshire Jason and I want to go too!!!  We are so excited that Atacha will have the opportunity to enter the NE breed show circuit and possibly even Devon this fall. She will take them with a storm. Atacha is what dreams are made of.

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