Map view

Displays a maximum of 15 satellites. Display ground  tracks, visibility circles and more. Satellites color indicates if sunlit or not. See the next pass ( AOS and LOS) in status bar. Continuous updates of RA/Dec and Alt/Az with range and height of the selected satellite. Toolbar buttons provide quick selection of view mode and user options.
Map mode

Here are some other Windows showing available search data:

Satellite Prediction passes

Iridium Prediction

Sky Charts Passes

Sky Chart Passes Print mode

Planet Positions

Globe view

Displays a globe with up to15 satellites, show grids, ground tracks and visibility circles. Select a location with left mouse button. Zoom in or out by using moose buttons. 
Globe mode

Sky view

Displays the sky with stars, constellations , planets, selected satellites. Add and display extra satellites . Zoom in or out using your mouse, view the total sky up to 180 degrees. Display stars up to 7.9 mag, view object names. Change view of the sky to inverted, mirror E-W or mirror N-S. Select AltAz or RA/DEC orientation. Display Ra/Dec and Alt/Az mouse positions. Select to view stars below the horizon. and more.
Sky mode

Google view

In Prediction window, view future passes. Find transit across objects such as the Sun, Moon and others. View tracks for these objects in Google Earth (need to download and install on your system).
Google view