Born: Caslav (central Bohemia), Czechoslovakia, February 18, 1932.

First Film experience: Age 5 (a silent documentary) at the Cine Progress.

Family: Great grandfather was a prison guard. Grandfather was a railroad official. Father was Rudolf Forman oldest of 8 children. He would become a teacher. Rudolf met Anna in the late 20's and they had a son, "Blahoslav" ,six months after the wedding. Next came another son, " Pavel" and twelve years after Pavel, Milos was born. In 1940 Rudolf was arrested by the Gestapo but managed to bid his son farewell at school. In 1941 Milos and his remaining family moved to Macha's Lake but on August 7, 1942 the Gestapo came and Anna was taken also. The next morning Uncle Boleslav came and helped Milos pack his suitcase. They locked the house and got a train to Nachod. Milos would see his mother one last time in the fall of 1942 and Milos and his uncle went to the prison where Anna was held in the hopes of visting her. They headed to Prague where Pavel was waiting for them. At the prison they were allowed 15 minutes with Anna. Anna died in Auschwitz on March 1, 1943 of typhoid. At this time Rudolf was still alive. He would survive Theresienstadt, Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Rudolf eventually succumbed to Scarlet Fever in the final year of the war in Auschwitz. Milos and his brothers survived the war.

Married: Jana Brejchova who he met in 1956. She was coming out of the Art Noveau Cafe' Slavia in Prague with an actor that Milos knew. She was an actress who had already completed 2 films.

Second wife was Vera Kresadlova who Milos met in 1961. She would give Milos twin sons on August 24, 1964. They were Petr and Matej.

About this time Milos received word from a woman who befriended Anna in Auschwitz. What she had to say would come as quite a shock. It seems Rudolf was in fact not Milos's father and that his real father was an architect who had worked for Anna. He too disappeared before the war but was Jewish thereby making Milos half Jewish. Milos would learn that this man was in fact alive and a professor at a university in Ecuador. They would never meet.

After becoming a successful director in Czechoslovakia, Milos would arrive in New York in 1967 with the ambition of making a film in the United states. Vera would not follow him to America and Milos would wind up with a second divorce. Milos and Vera would briefly live in Paris together but she was homesick and wanted to go back to Czechoslovakia.


Czech films:

Loves of a Blonde

The Firemen's Ball


American films:

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One Flew Over the Cuckoos' Nest




The People vs. Larry Flint



The Man On the Moon

The Little Black Book



Oscar - Best Director Nomination: "The People vs. Larry Flint"

Oscar - Best Director: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

Oscar - Best Director: "Amadeus"


Milos wrote his memoirs, "Turnaround" published in 1994. It is a must read for all Milos fans. You can buy this book at . Or check out your local library.

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