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What's new (May 14, 2003): "Everwood" has been renewed. Congratulations to Treat and the entire cast. Especially those wonderful Canadians. We're a good looking bunch don't you think? Catch "Everwood" on Monday nights on the WBN

The pilot for Everwood was filmed in Canmore, Alberta but after our coldest Spring on record the stars decided to move the production to warmer climes so the producers agreed to move filming to Utah (wimps!). The cast includes Treat in the part of Dr. Andrew Brown, Gregory Smith as Ephram (Greg's from Toronto) and Vivien Cardone plays Delia.


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  Born: Richard Treat Williams on December 1, 1951 in Rowayton,Ct.

Education: Kent School for Boys , Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster PA.

Personal Information: Married to Pamela (Van Sant) for 10 years with one son Gill (age 8) and a baby girl Eleanor Claire (2). Treat splits his time between his apartment in New York City (which he just spent 2 years renovating) and his 15 acre farm in Vermont. Mr. Williams is a descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, on his mothers' side. From this descendent, Robert Treat Paine (1731-1814), he would also get his name. His mom ran an antique business in the family's home town in Connecticut. Treat loves prowling for quality antiques which he loves collecting. He is a very astute shopper. Treat loves to combine his love of antiques with his love of flying by picking out memorabilia from the earliest days of flight. While making "Why Would I Lie" in Spokane, Treat learned of an auction of old flying gear and log books and managed to purchase everything he had his eye on. Later Treat learned he had outbid local Spokane flying clubs so Treat generously donated some of his recent purchases to them.

Treat was pursuing his B.A. in literature at Franklin and Marshal College and spent his summers working at the Fulton Repertory Company of Lancaster. Pa. Treat was "discovered" after appearing in a college play . He credits two teachers "Sandra Seacat and Larry Moss for his early growth as a performer. He signed with the Williams Morris Agency in 1973. Although he has kept busy with acting he did take a break and for a time flew planes for a living. He also was co-owner of Cineflight which arranged to supply planes for films such as Con Air. The company is now on hold due to the sudden demand for Treat in several recent films.

Treat is both a certified commercial pilot ,helicopter pilot and flight instructor. His interest in flying began when his football coach gave him two flying lessons (the coach had been a Navy Seal). He was hooked after that. Treat has been flying since the age of 17. He owns two planes including a "39 Texan T-6" (A World War II-era plane, purchased from the Paraguayan Air Force) and a twin engine Seneca.


A T-6 Texan and a Twin Engine Seneca


Treat Williams is also a talented singer (tenor) and has played in many musicals on film, Broadway and television specials. He dated the actress Lisa Eichhorn (recently scene in the latest Inspector Morse program) and actress Dana Delaney but has married only once. In the late 80's Treat would go on to form the rock band "Crime & Punishment" with fellow thespians Kevin Kline, Rex Smith, Peter Riegert and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

Treat Williams got his start on Broadway in the Andrew Sisters' musical "Over Here!" followed by playing understudy to John Travolta in Grease in 1973. He would later replace Travolta and would continue in the role of Danny Zuko for the next 3 years.

Treat loves acting and his favourite films are HAIR and PRINCE OF THE CITY.

Treat and his family will be moving to Park City, Utah now that Everwood has been renewed. Now perhaps he'll be able to do more skiing.


Off Broadway

 * Some Men Need Help

 * Oleanna

 * Captains Courageous




* Grease

* Over Here (with the Andrew Sisters and John Travolta)

 * Once In a Lifetime

 * The Pirates of Penzance.

* Follies


Television - films

- Dempsey

(Made for TV film about the life of boxing legend Jack Dempsey...1983)

- A Streetcar Named Desire

(also starred Ann Margret and Beverly D'Angelo...1984

- The Little Mermaid

(with Pam Dawber...1984)

- Echoes In the Darkness

(with Peter Coyote...1987)

- J. Edgar Hoover


- Third Degree Burn (1989)

- Bonds of Love

(with Kelly McGillis...1992)

- The Water Engine


- Where the Rivers Flow North


- Parallel Lives

(with James Belushi, Liza Minnelli and James Brolin...1994)

- Texan (director)

(with Dana Delany, Dabney Coleman and Charles


- The Phantom

(with Billy Zane and Catherine Zeta Jones- see her in Mask of Zorro...1996)

- The Late Shift

(Treat played Michael Ovitz...1996)

- 36 Hours To Die

(with Kim Cattral and Carroll O'Connor)

From the writer of 'Saving Private Ryan" , Robert Rodat.

Filmed on location in Montreal, Canada.

- Journey To the Centre of the Earth

(Filmed on location in Warrnambool, Australia ...1999)

- Everwood

(TV pilot film in the Calgary, Canada area)





Television - series

 - Eddie Dodd

(1990-91 season)

I liked this show but it didn't stand a chance in the goofy time slot

- Road to Avonlea

(played Zak Morgan...1990)

Anne didn't run off with him but I would have!

- Good Advice

(with Shelly Long)

- Batman

animated series (voice of Milo...1992)

- Drug Wars the Camarena Story

(played Ray series)


Awards and Nominations

 Golden Globe Winner

New Star 1979 for HAIR

Golden Globe Winner

Best Dramatic Actor for Prince of the City

 Best New Director

Aspen Short Film Festival

 Best Film (Bonds of Love) - Banff Film Festival

 (Nice little spot in the Rockies, eh Treat! This web page author just happens to live close to this great place)

Emmy Nomination

Best Actor for HBO's "The Late Shift"

 Hollywood Discovery Awards

The Taming Power of Small (short subject film





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