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Feature Films

I have rated the films I have seen and included a brief review. Remember this is only my opinion.

No stars means I haven't seen it, not that it's bad.


Deep End of the Ocean ***

(with Michele Pfeiffer and Whoopie Goldberg...1999)

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Deep Rising ***1/2

Filmed on Location in Vancouver, Canada

Treat Williams plays the "too cool for words" John Finnegan. What I loved is that this film was really a spoof of monster movies and the cast let you in on the joke. I love knowing the next line and there's nothing like drippy slime and lots of blood. Good fun if you're in for a laugh. Remember though, I'm the one that liked "Dead Heat". I enjoyed Kevin J. O'Connor as well and Famke Jenssen is a dead ringer for Cindy Crawford.

The Substitute 2 : Schools Out

Filmed on location in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, NY

Haven't seen it yet but it's on video so watch for a review coming soon.

The Devils' Own ***

(with Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt...1997)

Filmed on lots of locations in New York City (including 1899 Bar and Grill/Manhattan,Old Town Bar/NYC,The Piper's Kilt Bar/The Bronx) and Dublin, Ireland

Should have done better. Good story and great cast. I thought Brad Pitt did an excellent accent. The actors "dissed" it before it opened because they had no screenplay. It's worth a look.

Cannes Man

(with Johnny Depp...1996)

Mulholland Falls ***

(with Nick Nolte, Melanie Griffith and John Malkovich...1996)

Not bad, good performance by Treat. Melanie Griffith also does well. Check out the video.

Things To Do In Denver When Your Dead

(with Andy Garcia...1995)

Final Verdict (1991)

Max and Helen

(with Martin Landau...1990)

Filmed on location in Budapest, Hungary and Paris, France

Beyond the Ocean

(with Jill Clayburgh...1990)

Heart of Dixie

( with Ally Sheedy and Phoebe Cates...1989)

Filmed on location in Oxford, Tupelo Mississippi

Dead Heat ***

(with Joe Piscopo and Vincent Price...1988)

Okay I might be alone here but I thought this a hilarious "black" comedy. It had terrible reviews and I know that half the audience walked out when I watched it. This is humour I like (anything to do with dead people). If you love silly, over the top, horror films this is a must see. Not sure why it didn't become a cult film.

Men's Club *

(with Harvey Keitel, Frank Langella, Stockard Channing and Jennifer Jason Leigh...1986)

Filmed on location in Berkeley, California

Don't waste your time. I believe Treat would have had better taste but had recently had his head shaved for a part that fell through and this limited his options. Great cast, don't know what went wrong.

Sweet Lies (with starred Joanna Pacula...1986)

Filmed on location in Los Angeles, California and Paris, France

Smooth Talk ****

(with Laura Dern and Mary Kay Place...1985)

Filmed on location in Sebastopol and Santa Rosa, California

I thought this was a brilliant film. The lost innocence of youth and the inference of something evil. In some ways disturbing but excellent. Was I the only one who thought this was a great film? Among Treat's finest work.

Flashpoint **

(with Kris Kristofferson and Rip Torn...1984)

Two border patrol officers come across a large sum of money in an abandoned vehicle. A mystery with a good story line.

Once Upon a Time In America *1/2

(with Robert DeNiro, James Woods and Joe Pesci...1984)

Very disappointing and it appears almost all Treat's scenes were cut. Couldn't judge it fairly, as there wasn't enough of him in it.

The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper ***

(with Robert Duvall and Kathryn Harrold...1981)

Based on the real D B Cooper who robbed an aircraft and then parachuted out. He was never found. This movie comes up with a plausible scenario. Thoroughly enjoyable, never did as well as it should have. Check it out if you get the chance.

Prince of the City **1/2

(with starred Jerry Orbach...1981)

Filmed on location in New York City

I saw this when it was first released. Twice. Didn't really get it, confusing. It did get wonderful reviews though so perhaps it's worth another look. Treat got excellent reviews.

Why Would I Lie ***

(with Lisa Eichhorn...1980)

Filmed on location in Spokane, Washington

Nice little film about a compulsive liar who reunites a young boy with his ex-con mother

Hair ****1/2

(with Beverly D'Angelo, John Savage and Annie Golden...1979)

Wonderful film by Milos Forman. For all the information see my webpage link on the main page. Is Treat in uniform? What do you think? This is also my favourite film.

1941 *

(with starred Dan Aykroyd, Ned Beatty and Jim Belushi...1979)

I keep watching this to see if I'm missing something. Basically it's Spielbergs' weakest film. The plot centres around WWII and the possible attack by the Japanese on the west coast of California. Treat gets to do a little dancing in this once. Once again Treat's in uniform.

The Eagle Has Landed ***1/2

(with Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland, Robert Duvall ...1977)

Filmed on location in Finland and Mapleduram, Oxfordshire, England

WWII film about a Nazi plot to kidnap Winston Churchill. Treat has several scenes. Fortunately Treat looks good in uniform and seems to wear one in many of his films.

The Ritz

(with starred Rita Moreno, Jerry Stiller, F. Murray Abraham...1976)

Deadly Hero

(with James Earl Jones...1975)


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