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Alistair onboard the "Peking"

Pier 17, New York City

Alistair Bear

In partnership with my good friend Suzie Warrender. I enjoy hosting a few web pages. My passion in life is travel , flying and movies.


Alistair Bio: I have travelled extensively in Canada, the United States, England and France. I have a wonderful travel website which I hope you will also check out. As for my movie career I was an extra in the film "Mystery, Alaska" with Burt Reynolds and Russell Crowe (can this boy act or what?).


Suzie's Bio: I also love travel and joined Alistair on the set of "Mystery, Alaska". I am currently working on my Private Pilot's License and have completed ground school and logged 6 hours of flying time. I also am currently writing a book entitled "Mr. Banff" the biography of Norman Luxton . I also enjoy cartooning, script writing , acting and playing piano. My link with the entertainment industry is my cousin Laura Harris (The Faculty and Suicide Kings) and my other cousin Ryan Northcott (Mystery, Alaska).

Update: Treat's family came over on the Mayflower and settled in Connecticut in the early 1600's. Now in 1643 a certain Richard Treat of Wethersfield was on the jury that convicted Rebecca Greensmith to hang for witchcraft. Rebecca Greensmith was my 9th great-grandmother. Could Richard Treat of Connecticut be a relative of Robert Treat Paine of Connecticut who signed the Declaration of Indepedence? That would mean that Treat Williams may be related to the man who condemned my grandmother to death. Just a question.....how about it Treat?


Alistair and Suzie in Camden, Maine/ Oct 99


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