Journey To the Centre of the Earth

The Crew

Treat on Location

The Extras

Warranmbool in the Movies


The Crew:

Cast: Bryon Brown, Treat Williams, Jeremy London (Party of Five) and Hugh Keays-

Byrne (Mad Max)

Director: George Miller ("The Man From Snowy River" and "Andre")


Treat on Location:

Treat was a hit with the extra's when he spent much of his time chatting with them.

Treat explains that if extras or people on the set wanted to talk with him he would

gladly chat most of the time.

Treat says "There are actors like Anthony Hopkins who will stand and gab with

extras all day. There are times when you're working that you have to pull yourself

aside. What I usually do, in order not to offend anyone, is find an area and say to an

assistant director to please make sure I'm left alone to prepare".


The Extras:

Rebecca Simpson: Broom pusher and "hand clap" scene.

Dean Simpson: Taking care of the dog

Richard Elliott: Leading the donkey

Don Reardon: Gets a brief line with Treat (Treat ways he's a natural) 

Rick Bayne: Job near the pub


On Location:

Filmed at the Flagstaf Hill Maritime Museum, Thunder Point and around Port Campbell.

Disney has also done filming in the area as a backdrop for an animated feature.

Flagstaf Hill was also used in the films "Quigley Down Under" and "The Pirate Movie". The area is also popular for use in national TV

advertisements and travel documentaries.

In "Journey" Flagstaf is doubling as an 1840's New Zealand port.


*Special thanks to Max Preece and Rick Bayne for all their help.

Message to Rick: For some reason in Canada we cannot e-mail anyone who is at an e-mail ending with ( That means I can only reach you by snail mail. I will be writing to thank you and I would love for you to send the article on Treat Williams. I'll be in touch real soon.

Also thanks to the "Warrnambool Standard" newspaper for the articles.

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