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This page was originally prompted by looking at a list of pages(on the "Useless WWW Pages" site, for some reason)devoted to representatives of one name or another. The first thing I noticed, of course, was that there was no page devoted to Aarons. So I said to myself, "I should do something about that sometime." So, here it is.

Aaron is a Hebrew name, whose exact derivation I'm fuzzy on, but there was a famous Aaron in the Bible, who was the brother of Moses. And yet, despite that fact, many people still can't spell it right. (But then, some people can't spell Nebuchadrezzar or Motecuzoma right either...) I can't count the number of times I've gotten "Arron" or "Aron" or "Erin" or "Errin", or even "Darren" once or twice by those exceptionally inattentive. Get with it, people! Double-A-R-O-N! Read your Bible! Or just turn to the first page of any name book! It's right there!

Sorry. In any case, there are also benefits to the name. If you're ever in a situation where anyone's alphabetizing by first name(which I'm sure you've run across dozens of times), you'll get to go first, unless there's some wiseacre named Aain or something, in which case you should brain them with a club. I mean, you should extoll to them the virtues of names like "Xerxes" and "Zoltan".

And, especially when it's in a large font(like Aaron, with one of those lowercase a's that only appear in print because no one ever writes them that way), the two a's look really cool. They're the same letter, but they don't look the same(because one's uppercase and one lowercase, duh). I could just sit there contemplating this for hours, but luckily I have the willpower to break free of its spellbinding call. (If you don't, then this site is not liable for any loss of productivity.)

(I have since received a dissenting vote from AAron nAAs, who prefers the double-capitalized form; he says "For almost 10 years now, I've been using 'AAron nAAs' on forms, tax returns, resume's... It definately[sic] makes the spelling more memorable to others, and gets me less of the common mispellings[sic] that you mention." Okay, AAron, that's a good point. Anyone else have an opinion on the matter?)

I used to have a list of Aarons' home pages here, but that was when the WWW was in its infancy, and it no longer seems quite so appropriate. Instead, I'll dedicate myself to Aarons who are actually famous, or, perhaps, have blogs.

Famous Aarons

If you know of anyone else you can add to this list(and I'll be very generous with the definition of "famous"), let me know:

Fictional Aarons

Similarly to the above; I'll accept even minor characters, from any work of fiction you can come up with, at least until I get a more substantial list:

Inanimate Aarons

Here's some other pages about Aarons that are not real people:

Feel free to submit contributions(though no longer for personal web pages, unless, of course, you're famous, fictional, or inanimate).

Last updated: 2/2/2006

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