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This is ordered in a rather idiosyncratic manner--first, in descending order of number of albums I have by the artist, and secondly, in my own personal variant of alphabetical order. In defiance of accepted convention, I don't sort solo artists by last name. Albums are in approximate chronological order, but I know I'm way off on most of them. Don't both emailing me about it, I'll find out eventually. Unless it really bugs you. Hopefully your browser supports text searches, if you're looking for something specific.

Bands marked with a (C) are Canadian. Albums marked with one or more stars are among my favourites--the more stars, the better, up to three for my very favourites. Unmarked albums are just ones that haven't yet struck me. All ratings are approximate, even on this coarse a scale. And just to be maximally helpful to those of you who still persist in emailing me asking if I have a particular album on CD, I will forestall the vast majority of these by marking those which I do have on CD--you can assume the rest are tape or vinyl. (You'd be amazed what you can still acquire on tape these days...) And now that I buy more of my music on MP3, I'm marking those as well.

I've seen an album page put up by Oktay Ahiska, on which he keeps track of what he listens to most often and uses that to deduce his favourite albums. But I don't listen to music that way, so that doesn't work for me. Anyway, I've been working on something a bit firmer than the multiple-asterisk system, and you can see its results here.

I've also just started including some mini-reviews for a few albums; you can see them here. For more, you should check out

Often I acquire albums based solely on their availability, rather than looking for specific ones, and I rarely turn down a chance to get some new music. If you think I'm missing something definitive by somebody here, feel free to email me to berate me. Or send me a copy.

On the other hand, if you see in my collection an album that you used to have a copy of and lost and now yearn for again, but your local record store tells you it's out of print, and the odds of it being rereleased are about that of Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music"(okay, I've heard that this has been released on CD--I only hope they didn't actually make someone listen to it all the way through)--then please don't email me asking me if I know of any way you can get a copy. I don't have any secret connections to the underground out-of-print album network; I don't have any clout in the halls of record companies; and I'm certainly not going to make you an illegal copy and send it to you. You'd be better off checking out eBay.

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Last updated: 2/24/2007

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