Who is this Azpiazu, anyway?

Azpiazu is a god of chaos. Or perhaps serendipity is a better word. He is never the same twice, unless he feels that he should be. The masculine pronoun is, of course, merely a convenience.

Inconsistency is his watchword, but one should not be inconsistent all the time.

I've used him in alt.pub.dragons-inn, as well as in the world of Lorenai, as a nation in NationStates, and as one of my Neopets.

I found his name in the book It Was A Dark And Stormy Night. Someone was using it for a middle name. I later got some email from an Aurelio Azpiazu, in which he said the following:

You are correct in finding out that "AZPIAZU" has its origins among the mysterious Basques. IT's root is pronounced azpizarazu in BAsque. It was a term denoting the winner in a type of wrestling. An ancient king bestowed that title upon an honorable ancestor for saving the king's life in battle.

The Azpiazu Clan is centered in Santander near Bilbao in the BAsque country of Spain. There is even an AZPIAZU Wine. I have tasted it and do not expect the vintage I tasted to be a challenge to Chateu LAFitte, but commercially not bad.

Last updated: 1/19/2006

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