Dramatis Personae

These things seem to be reasonably popular, so I thought I'd put one up too. This is a basic list, probably under occasional revision, of people, places and things I might refer to in my Blog, as I think of them. I am excluding here people I only know through the Net, mostly.

My wife, published author under Nicole Luiken. She reads this all the time.
Our first son, born on October 26, 1999, so(as of 2006)six years old.
Our second son, born on July 4, 2002, so(as of 2006)three years old.
The Cult of Pain
The writer's group we(Nicole and I, that is, not Simon...yet)belong to, first formed in the winter of 1989 and going fairly strong since then. Some members include Ann Marston(also published, with the six-book "Rune Sword" series), Barb Galler-Smith(severals short stories published), Karen(who frequently reads my blog), Sue, Marg, Kevin, Howard, Mari, Rachelle, Maura, Ina(sp?), Jennifer, and numerous emeriti. We are actually pretty darn good, if I do say so myself, if not quite up to the level of the "Scribblies"(Steven Brust, Pamela Dean, Patricia Wrede, Will Shetterly, Emma Bull, etc.).
Nicole's sister, once more residing in Edmonton after a year in London, Ontario.
Sharna's husband.
My brother, living in Toronto with his wife Kelly.
A friend of mine living in Edmonton.
Another friend, currently teaching in Campbell River, father, with his wife Bohdana, of a girl named Sophia and twin boys, William and Alexander.
A friend from Grande Prairie who used to live just outside of Edmonton with her husband Jeremy; a formerly regular lunch companion and babysitter, before she moved without telling me.
Alex Zahara
A TV and movie star and old acquaintance from Grande Prairie; arguably the most famous person I know personally.
My best friend in high school(and practically only friend in junior high), roommates and often classmates in university, best man at my wedding, and we've fallen shamefully out of touch since. Still, most of my fondest memories of my youth involve him.
A turn-based play-by-email fantasy game that I played for a few years, and which still occupies large portions of my thoughts even though it has ended, because I have the source code and data and can play it all by myself. Pathetic, no?
Grande Prairie
The small northern Alberta city(yes, it's still a city, despite having only a five-figure population. You got a problem with that?)where I grew up, went to school until the first year of college, and even returned to for a couple of years. My dad lived there until recently, and my mother nearby.
Hawk Hills
The tiny farming community even further north where Nicole grew up and her parents used to live until they retired from farming.

If there's anyone or anything else I refer to who mystifies you, let me know.

Last updated: 1/19/2006

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