Things I No Longer Have On The Web

Some of you who have been to my web pages over the past few years may have noticed certain things having disappeared.

I no longer have my CGI scripts around. Most ISPs don't allow you to have your own CGI scripts up, and I suppose there's probably a good reason for that, but it still sucks. I used to have a Random Band Name Server, which would select one or more random names from a list put together by myself and numerous name donors. I might still have a copy of the band list somewhere, but the server itself is no longer. You can always email me for a list if you want to.

I no longer have a bunch of pages devoted to newsgroups because I haven't spent any time on Usenet in years. Not that I'm saying you shouldn't go to alt.callahans, or talk.bizarre, or, or if you want to, but I can't be considered authoritative on them anymore. (I am sorry about the talk.bizarre FAQ server, and if anyone wants to rehost it somewhere I can send what I've accumulated, eventually.)

Ackanomic pages have also disappeared, since the game itself seems to have gone into a state of dormancy, and even before then I had left the game a couple of times already. It was fun at some point, but at other points it was not.

As for the Fidonet Used Book Squad, I have considered at some point trying to put up a similar thing on the Internet, at least to the point of putting up a list of books, albums, etc. that I am looking for(and having difficulty finding). But I imagine Fidonet itself has gone into a state of dormancy with the Internet being so ubiquitous, so it seemed silly to keep the page up. The best I have is the Amazon wishlist link you can find near my blog.

Something that really doesn't belong here, but I couldn't find anywhere else to mention, is Lorenai. This was a play-by-email fantasy game run by Jiri Klouda, which is currently on hiatus so there's not a lot of web links for it. Still, it consumed a large chunk of my time over the past couple of years, so I though I should mention it somewhere.

I'm sure nobody misses the dead links on my hotlists, though.

Last updated: 1/19/2006

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