Boring Personal Stuff

My name is Aaron Victor Humphrey; I often keep the middle initial "V." in writing it because it offsets the boring trochaic rhythm. Like "Robert A. Heinlein" or "Candas Jane Dorsey" or "Emma Lee Bunton".

I live in the city of Edmonton, Alberta; I like it, for the most part, and enjoy being a Canadian. I grew up a little bit further north in the city of Grande Prairie, and those two cities are pretty much where I've lived(if you discount a year or so in Winnipeg when I was about three that I don't remember).

I'm currently employed as a programmer at Kakari Systems, writing database software in Visual Basic. It's a nice job, good people, etc. Hopefully it will last.

I have a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Alberta, but have pretty much abandoned Physics as a field of specialization. I have also completed a two-year Special Certificate Program that gives me the equivalent of another B.Sc. in Computing Science. Graduate school is not currently being considered.

My birthday is July 14, 1971. I have been married for about fifteen years to Nicole Luiken, an up-and-coming writer of juvenile and adult SF. Since becoming a client of Lucienne Diver at Spectrum Literary Agency, she's sold three more books; more information can be found at her own web page. Her young-adult novel Violet Eyes came out in January 2001, her adult thriller Running On Instinct in July 2001, and Silver Eyes(a sequel to Violet Eyes) in December. On November 26, 1999, we became the proud parents of Simon Nicholas Humphrey, who is making our lives much more complicated. Complication #2, Luke Sebastian Humphrey, arrived on July 4, 2002.

I am an occasional participant in amateur theatre, and have been since a young age, mostly in Grande Prairie but more recently at the Walterdale Theatre in Edmonton. My credits include child roles in "The King & I", "Portrait In Black", "The Christmas Carol", and "Antigone", as well as doing "The Curious Savage" in high school, and adult roles in "West Side Story", "Noises Off", "A Shot In The Dark", and "Ivanov"(only the last of those at Walterdale). At the moment time constraints make it impractical to make a full-scale commitment to theatre, so I'm limiting myself to occasional play-reading workshops or tech positions just so I don't forget what I'm doing.

As a participant in National Novel Writing Month, I've written several novels: The Shadow And The Flame, On The Edge of The Vortex, Entanglement, The Man In The Suit Named Everett, and Aleph Null. Most of those are in extreme first-draft form and awaiting revision, which may happen someday. I've written a bunch of short stories too, of varying degrees of quality, and a few of them have even been published. "The Cherry Grove" appeared in OnSpec magaine, "Highway Closure" in one of the Tesseracts anthologies, and "The New Paranoia Album" in Clauda Lalumiere's anthology Open Space.

More recent information may be found in my Livejournal.

Oh, and for those who may be interested, my Meyer-Briggs personality type has been(unofficially)classified as an INTP, and if I do say so myself I match the description(which used to be linked here, but hey, you can find it yourself)fairly well. This also seems like a good place to include my Geek Code Block:

Version: 3.1
GCS/M/S d@ s:+ a C++ UL++(++++) P+++ L+ E-(---) W++(+) N+ o K++ w++$(---)
!O !M V- PS+ PE- Y PGP- t+ 5+++ X-- R tv+ b++++ DI+ D--- G+ e++ h----
r+++ y++++

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