Tanya Huff:Blood Lines

Sometimes I wonder how long Huff will be able to pull this off. In the first book in the series, Blood Price, we have a vampire and a demon. In the second, Blood Trail, we have werewolves. In this one, we have a mummy. And in the next, Blood Pact, we apparently have zombies.

But I get ahead of myself. Vicki "Victory" Nelson is a former cop, who quit the force when her vision started to deteriorate, and now has a P.I. business. Her sometime partner is Henry Fitzroy, bastard son of Henry VIII, and a vampire. And then there's Michael Celluci, Vicki's former partner, still on the force; he knows about Henry, but tolerates him somewhat. The lover's triangle between them provides for some interesting dynamics.

The mummy in the book is a priest of a minor god called Akhekh, god of despair. He was entombed for years, imprisoned by a magical seal; now some unsuspecting Egyptologists at the Royal Ontario Museum(did I mention this was taking place in Toronto?)have broken the seal. He is much weakened, but after claiming a couple of victims he is able to leave the museum, covering his tracks by erasing memories behind him.

Meanwhile, Henry Fitzroy starts having dreams of the sun. He begins to wonder if, after all this time, he is secretly yearning for death; this disturbs him, and Vicki as well. Celluci, who is investigating the deaths in the museum, becomes suspicious when people there forget things they told him about earlier...

The mummy, which goes about using the name of Tawfik(not his real name), starts taking control of the provincial government and police force; he also senses Henry's presence and tries to lure him over to the Dark Side. And, at Akhekh's bidding, he has his minions make Vicki's life a living hell, and gets her arrested for child molesting.

Blood Price had some weak points; Blood Trail was distinctly better; and now I think Huff has come into her own with this book. Tawfik is a believable and nasty nemesis, the interactions between the main characters are wonderful, Vicki comes up with some great lines, and you're not sure they're going to triumph until the last minute. (Okay, there's a sequel, and besides we know they're going to win, but it's damn close.) I'm looking forward very much to the next book.

%A Huff, Tanya
%T Blood Lines
%I Daw
%C New York
%D January 1993
%G ISBN 0-88677-530-2
%P 271 pp.
%S Victory Nelson, Investigator
%V Book 3
%O Paperback, US $4.99, Can $5.99

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