John DeChancie & David Bischoff: Dr. Dimension

I'm still trying to remember what John DeChancie told me about this book...whether it was him who provided the ideas and Bischoff who did the actual writing, or the other way around. Or both. Whatever.

Ahem. Enough name-dropping...except to mention that this, along with The Kruton Interface, was a book that I bought mostly because of DeChancie's inimitable net-personality(and I'm told he's not that different in real life), since I didn't care much for Castle Perilous when I read it a few years ago.

This one clicked a lot better than Kruton. Perhaps because it hadn't started out as a stage play, perhaps because of Bischoff's participation...

The book is intended as a spoof on old 30's pulp serials. (If you have any doubt, the book ends TO BE CONTINUED IN OUR NEXT THRILLING INSTALLMENT!!!!!) Not having read many of these, I have to judge it mostly on its own merits. It's still pretty funny.

Dr. Demopoulous is a scientist years ahead of his time, with a Groucho Marx-like wit, a 'big lug' of a lab assistant named Troy Talbot, a well-endowed assistant named Diane Derry(Warning: Much Sexist Humour Concerning Feminine Body Parts). Dr. Vivian Vernon, his rival, and Geoffrey Wussman, the department head, are out to see his funding cut...until he actually gets his time-space machine working, and send them hurtling off into the middle of a war between alien races like the Dharvans and the Asperans(not to mention the Quaaleuds)...

Not exactly a laugh a minute, especially when they keep trying to advance the plot, but it will keep you reading. The Firesign Theatre would probably do a splendid job of it, although it may be a bit low-key for them...

I'm waiting for the NEXT THRILLING INSTALLMENT!!!!!

%A DeChancie, John
%A Bischoff, David
%T Dr. Dimension
%I Penguin/New American Library/Roc
%C New York
%D June 1993
%G ISBN 0-451-45252-6
%P 284 pp.
%O Paperback, US$4.99, Can$5.99

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