Norman Spinrad:The Last Hurrah of The Golden Horde

A friend of mine(actually, a friend of my brother)was horrified when I told her I hadn't read much of Norman Spinrad, particularly his shorter work. She pressed a copy of The Last Hurrah of The Golden Horde into my hand. Eventually, I got around to reading it.

The stories in this book remind me of With A Finger In My I by David Gerrold. Not because they're intrinsically similar, but because they both have that American New Wave feel to them. They're also vaguely similar to Harlan Ellison stories, though that didn't strike me at first.

"Carcinoma Angels" is probably the best, although "It's A Bird! It's A Plane!" is pretty funny, and all but a few of the stories are great reading. The exceptions, in my opinion, are the title story, which features a character named Jerry Cornelius, and reminds me why I never read many of Michael Moorcock's books featuring that same character; "The Age of Invention", which is far too cute, in the way of imparting modern-age behaviour to cavemen; and "The Entropic Gang-Bang Caper", which attempts to tell a story somewhat after John Brunner in The Sheep Look Up and Stand On Zanzibar...but was a bit too indirect for me.

Definitely a book not to be missed.

%A Spinrad, Norman
%T The Last Hurrah of The Golden Horde
%I Avon
%C New York
%D September 1970
%G SBN 380-02368
%P 223 pp.
%O Paperback, US$0.75

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