Joel Rosenberg:The Sleeping Dragon

One theme that's been done a few times is "gaming group goes to fantasy world". This book may be one of its earliest examples, and while it has some cliche elements, Rosenberg keeps it from being too predictable.

The gaming group is sent by their "dungeonmaster", who has been trying for years to open up a gate to this fantasy world. He sends the group, without their prior knowledge, to the world with the intention of getting them to open a gate for him to pass through himself.

But "the best laid plans..." An accident deprives the adventurers of the magical goodies that had been designed to ease their travels. Then, on their first expedition into town for money and information, one of their members gets killed. Finally, the 'gate' proves to be only one-way, back to our own world...

The adventurers themselves are well-drawn. Some of them have to wrestle with the personalities of their fantasy characters, which are at odds with their own, and all of them are three-dimensional. And the fantasy world is also believable.

Furthermore, at the end of this book an interesting new direction is set up for the next...which I'll be sure to read.

%A Rosenberg, Joel
%T The Sleeping Dragon
%I NAL Signet
%C New York
%D November 1983
%G ISBN 0-451-16213-7
%P 253 pp.
%S Guardians of The Flame
%V Book 1
%O Paperback, US$3.95, Can$4.95

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