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This is an odd conceit I came up with, but I thought it was worth a try. I've gotten several emails from people who did a web search on their names and found them in, say, one of my stories. So I got the idea that if I had lost touch with somebody and wanted to find them again, I could put their name on a page in case they did a search for it.

Of course, given how easily I fall out of touch with people(which is mostly my fault), this may not be worth it, but I would just like to hear from some of these people sometime.

If your name is on this list and you don't know me, then maybe you just have a common name, or else just never noticed me. :-) And if your name is not on this list and you think it should be, then I apologize. I'm just brainstorming here, so I might have forgotten you.

And now, before the list gets so far down that it will never turn up on the search engines(in alphabetical order by last name):

Last updated: 1/19/2006

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