First one through the door was Larz. Under his feet crunched brittle shards of charred bone. Crouching down to examine them, he was almost knocked off his feet by a sudden wave of heat from the walls. Kiln-heat enveloped him, and soon his charred bones joined the rest on the floor.

Second through the door was Wally. He saw no bones; rather, he saw a single stunted bush, bearing black crystalline fruit. It was jarred by the closing of the door, and the fruit fell and shattered on the ground. The shards from the fruits' explosions ripped the flesh from Wally's bones, and the obsidian seeds nestled in the fertile soil they had found.

Perhaps Kees had the best chance of survival, being blind. Illusions spawned by the room had no effect on him. So he was spared the kind of deaths his comrades had suffered. Sadly, the room also contained more material dangers, as Kees discovered when the floor beneath his feet slid aside and he plummeted down the shaft below.

Done with its victims, the room closed itself up and settled to digest. After a few hours, there was no trace of the three bodies. Most of their equipment that had remained undigested was funneled into a chamber below for later examination. New victims were making their way to its maw, and it wanted to be ready to receive them.

<David Bedno also gave me the assignment

The words: fuck, shit, piss, damn.

The conditions: 1) The words must not be used in a "vulgar" manner.

So I did them as an acrostic, which is certainly not vulgar in any way.>

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