Argent Urine

It was Gnimaax's bathroom habits that led to the loss of his position.

Not as much the fact that he never used urinals. One of the reasons for this was that the liquid that served the same purpose as urine for his race had a distinctly argent hue, and would furthermore pool in the bottom of the urinal for hours before slowly precipitating out as his body's special solvent became more and more dilute. He also lacked external genitalia.

To circumvent these problems, he betook himself to the stalls for all his eliminations tasks. He sometimes had to flush several times before all his eliminations were disposed of, but all this was merely put down to an idiosyncracy.

However, his habit of singing in the stalls at the top of his lungs was universally despised, and was the eventual cause of his dismissal.

Based on the words:Sing Urine Argent Circumvent

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