Bell Tower

Edwin was mystified. In many ways this resembled just another one of the edifices they'd found on the planet, but it differed just enough to be puzzling.

The other buildings, in fact, had all seemed identical. The same shade of cyan covering every surface, the same camber to every doorway, the same vaguely mosque-like architecture. That had been the primary mystery--the utter uniformity--until the discovery of this one, which was different.

All the differences, Edwin had decided, sprang from one crucial difference--the presence of a bell-tower. At least, there was a tower atop the structure, and there was something in it that seemed to serve the purpose of a bell, from preliminary analysis. Some kind of sound- producing device, at least.

Edwin had stumbled onto this just the day before, and was accomplishing what he could before the hordes descended from all over the planet. He had to describe this well enough that his claim on it was secured in the eyes of the archaeological community. So he was taking a few more risks than he should, perhaps.

So when he climbed up to the base of the bell-tower and found there a pull-rope, he pulled it.

Another thing that had been puzzling the explorers had been the arrangement of the buildings. They were arranged so that each one would be within range of several others, as far away as they could be before the curvature of the planet cut them off. Indeed, some regular features had neat cut lines right along the lines between these structures. It had been theorized that these formed some kind of relay stations for a culture without transmission satellites(though there were no signs of any of the usual ways that a culture that advanced would have met its demise, despite the fact that the planet was undeniably deserted).

Unfortunately, Edwin had never heard these theories; had he, he might have been more careful. As it was, he was the first to die from the vibrations. But not the last, as the network of relay stations served its purpose once again, as it had for its creators so long ago.

Based on the words: Bells Mosque Camber Cyan

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