Joshu tasted his glass of dry white wine. Electa smiled at him across the table. He could see her eyes shining between the arms of the huge candelabra between them. "Delicious," he finally pronounced. "Far better than any product of Gonnet's winefields."

Electa's smile decreased by increments, until it disappeared from her face altogether. "I thought we weren't going to mention my father tonight, Joshu."

Joshu wanted to laugh at her naivete. As if her father wasn't the whole reason they were here tonight, on the ship. As if her father wasn't the whole reason he had sought her out in the first place. But then, she didn't know what her father had done to him. But she would soon. And she would pay.

He smiled. "Of course not, my dear. I didn't think. Forgive me." You're going to scream, bitch. You're going to scream when I flay you to the bone. You're going to scream when I burn your supple flesh. Not after I've enjoyed you first, of course. He stared at her hungrily, while her eyes were focused on the piano player doing a poor rendition of "Millionaire's Waltz". She turned to face him, catching his gaze, and just as quickly turning away again, blushing hotly.

"I'm getting a bit chilly out here," she said. "Will you walk me to my cabin?" They stood up from the table and returned to the cabin on the Promenade Deck. Promenade Deck, he thought. Just like something from the fucking Love Boat. Which is what she probably thinks this is. She'll find out to the contrary soon enough.

She unlocked the door and paused. "Come in for a drink?" she asked. She's nervous, he thought. Trembling. Probably a virgin, with the anticipation getting too much for her.

"Of course," he said. She mixed them both a scotch and soda. She gulped hers down, and he sipped his more slowly. All right, enough of this, he thought suddenly. He pulled her to him and pressed his mouth against hers, kissing her roughly. Then a weight came crashing down on his head and everything went black.

When he awoke, he couldn't move. He was bound and gagged, and Electa and the piano player were standing over him. "Good work, Vingo," Electa said. "This asshole honestly thought I'd fall for his tricks. Father should have a lot of fun with him."

"That's what your father pays me for, Missy," Vingo said.

"He also probably thought he was going to satisfy me with that tiny dick of his. C'mon, Vingo, show him what big really means."

Based on the words: Dry Increment Candelabra Bulkhead

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