Gift Exchange

Tommy Irwin trudged unhappily down the street. His mom wouldn't let him do anything. She would never buy him anything. Paulette's mom got her a propeller beanie, but his mom said, "It's kid stuff. You're too old for that kind of stuff."

So what did she get him? A bullwhip. What the heck would Tommy do with a bullwhip?

He walked by the church. His mom told him that God lived there, and the minister said that God could do anything. So Tommy thought he'd pray. He looked around to see if anyone was watching. He didn't see anybody, but just to be safe he thought he'd go around back.

The back of church was all gravelly, and there was an old blue pickup parked there. It'd been parked there for years, every since Mr. Marck, the custodian, had died. His wife had never bothered to move it, since she was dead too. Tommy decided that kneeling on the gravel wouldn't be a good idea. So he climbed into the back of the pickup and knelt on an old ratty blanket left in there.

Now how exactly did one go about phrasing these requests to God? Normal prayers he knew, but this was different. Well, he wanted a propeller beanie, like Paulette's, but he didn't want the stupid old bullwhip his mom gave him. So why not make a trade? God might not want a bullwhip either, but he'd probably at least know somebody who would, and be able to get it to them better than Tommy could.

So he steepled his hands and said, "Please, God, can I have a propeller beanie like Paulette has? That's all I want, and you can have this bullwhip my mom gave me. You can find somebody else to give it to if you don't want it for yourself. Amen."

That was it. Tommy waited a few minutes, but no propeller beanie appeared. Maybe he had to give God the bullwhip first, just so God would know he was serious. After some thought, he threw it up into the air.

It didn't go up very high at first, but just when it was starting to fall back again, it was caught by an updraft or something, and started to rise again, slightly jerkily, as if being pulled by an invisible thread. Tommy watched as it disappeared up into the sky. "Wow," he said.

Then there was a plop. He looked back down into the truck, and there was a propeller beanie. It was even better than the one Paulette had, because this one had blades that actually went around. Tommy put it on his head, and it started whirring. He felt himself getting lighter, and then he started to float upwards. Yes, this was definitely better than the stupid old propeller beanie Paulette had. Wait'll his mom found out.

Based on the words: Beanie Whip Via Sky

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