Calculomancy II

"So, I was thinking about that calculomancy thing."

"Really? How unlike you."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyways, I think you're going about it all wrong. I mean, just trying to use it to predict your day, like astrology or something. I think it's more of a direct-questioning medium, like Tarot cards. Or a ouija board."

"Am I the only one who hates it when people pronounce it 'weejee' as opposed to 'weeya'? I mean, it comes from 'oui' and 'ja'. Maybe if it was called an 'igenhei board'..."

"Are you finished? Good. Okay, so rather than just waiting it for it to tell you things, why not ask it questions? Yes-no questions are easy--just pick a bit. Or you might have to have one for each bit, which could be time-consuming...

"But I think it would be best for general questions, at least with short answers. Look at the display. Each of the digits has seven segments, right? So that's 7-bit. What if you turn those into ASCII? And the various flags on the side and the bottom could be modifiers...'DEG' could mean 'to some degree', '-' could be a negator, etc."

"Weird idea."

"Like yours wasn't."

"Have you tried it?"


"Okay. Calculator, what will be the name of my next girlfriend?"

"Ooh, good one. Let's see..."

         __   __   __   __   __   __   __
-  |  | |  | |__| |__| |__| |  | |__| |  |
E   __ . __|  __ .|__ .|__|.|__|.|__|. __ .
  INV          K    DEG   RAD  GRAD   ( )

"How do they number these things?"

"Dunno. I think it's the vertical ones first, then the horizontal ones."

"Right, okay..."

"Whaddaya get?"

"a m g w DEL } DEL e. Looks like it made two mistakes and had to my guess would be 'amge'."

"What kind of name is that?"

"What do you expect from an igenhei board?"

"Obviously, this needs some work too. Maybe it's using 8-bit ASCII with the decimal points. And what do the other flags stand for?"

"'In your dreams', maybe?"

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