"Maybe they're going about AI the wrong way. Maybe it has to evolve."

"Excuse me?"

"Okay. Get a computer. Set it up with random bit-patterns."

"Have you heard that koan--"

"'So the room will become empty'. Yeah, I know. Bear with me. Every cycle, toggle one bit, chosen randomly, and move the program counter to a random location in memory."

"What's choosing the random locations?"

"Dunno. Some external program running on a faster computer."

"So where does the evolution come in? I mean, how are programs selected for?"

"How long they can run before they generate an error, maybe? Dunno that, either. Give them a greater chance of being chosen?"

"What about an infinite loop? You create one statement that branches to itself, the whole thing grinds to a halt."

"Well, I guess we'll just have to wait for that statement to be changed, randomly."

"Needs some work yet, guy."

"Maybe I'll make it a thesis project."

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