Critical Excerpt of the better artists Colonial Space had produced heretofore, he suffered extreme pain, constant while drawing, painting, using psychogenic projection techniques, or any common artistic method. Many critics observe so-called "doloric evasion syndrome" within many well-known works Fourmyle produced, but I always thought such hypotheses just cannot account for the characteristics shown by Fourmyle's more obscure works.

Only pieces matching expected criteria become popular. The remainder are dismissed quite summarily. Scientific fields are highly aware of this mode of thought; I notice the exact equivalent in recent discussions of the "syndrome" that is supposedly affecting Fourmyle's entire oeuvre.

Simple explanations cannot suffice. I will not contradict my own pronouncements, wildly summing complicated thoughts simply because it's preferred. Theories must explain "Crater Chapel Shadow Mirror" and "North Oriented Mecca Compass" as well as "The Yearning of The Secret Urge", "Mechanized Anesthesia", and "The Ending of All Matter".

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