"You know how they did those experiments where they put glasses on people so they saw everything upside down? And after a few weeks they suddenly adjusted to it...until they took the glasses off, and they had to adjust to normal vision again?"

"Yeah...I remember that babies have to do that when they're born. It's the pinhole camera thing, where images get turned upside down in the first place."

"Hmmm. Makes sense. But apparently they've tried a few other similar experiments."

"Do they have to wear those things at night, too? Or just put them on before they open their eyes?"

"Maybe they have soft contacts or something. Anyway...they tried it with negative images. You know, colours reversed, like a photo negative. And you know what? They didn't adjust to it. It was too weird. Even after weeks, they couldn't recognize a human form unless it started talking to them. And some people got freaked out because there were these weird white shapes following everything around."

"Huh? Some kind of weird spirit-forms?"

"No, shadows, you dope."

"Oh. Duh. Say, it'd be hard to sleep, if you had to leave those on...if shadows are white, then so would be the blackness of night. You'd have to sleep with the light on."

"Or sleep during the day."

"The problem is that night-time, even if reversed, would be low-contrast. Maybe not as bad as it is in blackness, but you still wouldn't be able to read, say, without light to make the background behind the letters show up as text. And daytime, things would be mostly dark, but there'd still be the contrast...because you'd have shadows and lit colours and stuff as opposed to everything being white."

"I want to get some of those goggles."

"They probably use up lots of batteries. Yeah, if you have to sleep at night with the light on, I hope that the guys studying this subsidize your power bills..."

"Hmmm...what's that painter guy with all those black canvases?"

"...I forget."

"Me, too. I wonder how those would look in negative..."

"Fuck that, how about painting in negative. Put the goggles on and then paint something. Could you get negatives of all the common tints of paint? Or paint it half-and-half."

"Just do it with computer, guy. Hell of a lot easier."

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