I'm not sure who all was there. Me, for sure, and my brother Steve, and our friend Mike Borditsky(Jewish fellow, highly twisted sense of humour, a mane of black hair and an evil grin), although I think Steve and Mike kept morphing into one another when I wasn't looking. I think Kate was there, and Genevieve, and Rimrunner(yes, I know, but they were both there). The others I didn't know, but they were all t.bers. Except for one guy, who was from the previous dream; he had been on some famous exploratory expedition, but was now suffering from incurable synaesthesia.

Mike decided the party was a bit dull, so he decided to start a game of Exquisite Corpse(the verbal kind). Instead of using sheets of paper, he just used whatever objects came to hand. Most of these were Rubik's Cubes, but a few Kleenex boxes were pressed into service as well. He did all the first sentences, and passed them out to everyone else. We all sought privacy somewhere or other(I don't know where we were; it might have been my brother's place, though I've never seen his current one).

After a while, I went into the bedroom to get some more Corpses to do. (The Kleenex box, which I had just finished, had had a weird metal strip down one side which my purple felt didn't write very well on, and the Rubik's Cubes weren't much better.) The people in there were getting very cosy, but one of them handed me a Cube. Actually, it was almost more like a Magic Snake, except made up of cubes, because I had to twist it around a bit to find a face to write on.

The last person, who had been following up a scene with two women talking, one stepping out of a shower, had added the following:

Suddenly, they turned around and saw a muscular, hairy man standing behind them. [The woman who stepped out of the shower] said to him, "Do you have a big...

How crass, I thought. Well, obviously I wouldn't make the obvious completion to that. How about "towel" instead?

Genevieve said, "How about he opens up his chest and there's a big towel rack inside, and after a moment they take one?"

That was a good idea, and I wrote it down(it still wasn't a good writing surface for a felt pen)and passed it on.

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