The Boys of Summer

A few years ago I was working on the sixth floor of the Physics Building. There were two elevators, one with the doors that opened from the middle, one with a single door that went across.

I decided to toy with the feelings of these elevators. I picked one of them(I can't remember which one, now)to completely avoid and disdain. If that elevator was the one to arrive at a floor, I would wait for it to leave and then press the button again, in hopes that the other one would arrive. If the same one came again, I used the stairs instead.

Eventually, the "good" elevator started fawning on me. Sometimes I would be walking past the elevators on my way to the bathroom, and that elevator would appear, doors opening, trying to entice me in. I'd always say something nice to it if I wasn't going to actually use it right then. It quite unerringly came for me when I really did want to go down, though.

I was gone for two weeks at the end of August. When I came back for the start of classes that year, I treated them both impartially, like I had before.

That year, one of the elevators broke down and had to be replaced. Again, I forget which one.

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