What Happened To Elisabetta

At three-fifteen Elisabetta stepped out onto the railway track. A man reading a newspaper glanced up at her curiously, then went back to reading his paper. Blonde hair streamed out behind her as she ran silently up the track and into the tunnel. Concrete walls surrounded her and plunged her into darkness.

Ears straining, she listened for a train. Far off, she heard a whistle. Good, she thought. Hearing the train whistle brought back memories, memories of childhood, and running out to watch the trains go by every day. It had been a long time since she had run out to watch a train. Just watching wasn't enough, though, this time. Kicking up her heels, she ran forward deeper into the tunnel, to meet the train when it came. Large insects scuttled out of her way as she ran.

Many times the engineer had driven this route. Never had he encountered any problems. Oakend to Cardston was the easiest route he'd ever done. So he was unprepared for the woman appearing before the locomotive's lights as he entered the tunnel.

"Woman on the tracks!" he yelled, and pulled the brake, but he was too late.

"Yes," Elisabetta whispered as the locomotive hit.

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three, oak, locomotive, Elisabetta.

Sentences to be in alphabetical order by first letter. (i.e. although the order of the words within a sentence does not count, the first letter of each sentence should collate lower in the alphabet than the first letter of the previous sentence.)>

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