A Fragile Summer

My summer job? I was a writer. God, what a pain.

You remember I told you I was hoping to be a cashier or something like that. There's one thing I can't stand, it's having to sit around and be creative all day.

But my dad was unsympathetic. "You get out into the real world, they're gonna expect you to have ideas all the time. It's high time you started learning how to create." And he wants me to go into novels like him, of course. So there I was, slaving over this outline all summer. Yeah, that's as far as I got. And it was a pretty piss-poor thing, too. I'm just not good at that kinda stuff.

I think that after I graduate I'm gonna move out and just be a dishwasher or something. I know, the money's not as steady, but I'll survive. Just something where I don't have to goddamn create all the time.

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