The wonder of the Fourteen Planets, gentlemen, ladies, and indeterminates! The largest creature ever seen within Imperial Zoo walls! Entirely harmless--worry not. Glasteel walls, mirrored inside so that it's unable to see out.

Any questions? Yes, the lady wearing fuchsia. Telepathic? Well, there were some thoughts of telepathy; current scientific thought denies theories of psychic gifts. It obviously does not require such talents to survive. Besides, any evidence implying hypotheses like that is largely based on the old reports, now thought fiction.

Any more questions? Because otherwise--goodness! Security! Someone restrain that man, quickly! Apologies, ladies, other beings, gentlemen. Apparently the creature causes such effects sometimes. It's the ferocity of its visage, I think. Unfortunately, it seems to presage an anger in the beast also.

What's he crying? "Freedom"? I'm sorry; Pluran Freedom Fighter, no mistaking. Pardon? The creature is indeed from Plura. Perhaps Plurans consider indigenous wildlife need freeing also. But see its violent and horrible lunge! It futilely struggles to be liberated. Funny; almost predictably, it seems to become once more aware of its confinement at these junctures...

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