Assault On The Monument

Dillon and Araya waited until the patrolman went by on his beat. "This is it," Dillon hissed. "We've got ten minutes." The two black-clad figures crept silently into the park.

Unfortunately for them, the patrolman followed a slightly different routine that night. As he rounded the next corner, he saw that a Farina delivery truck had run into a fire hydrant, and water was fountaining onto the sidewalk. "Shit," Patrolman Hille thought. Always this stuff on his shift. Why couldn't it wait until Willson showed? He turned and pulled out his walkie-talkie to report it, and glimpsed two shadows crossing a moonlit stretch of grass.

They were going for the monument again. Lousy Separatist bastards. He thumbed the switch on his walkie-talkie and said, "Two figures entering the park, probably Seps. Request backup." Then he pulled out his truncheon and set out in pursuit.

Araya heard the footsteps as Hille broke into a run. "He's coming after us," she hissed.

"Ambush, then," Dillon said. He pulled the sash off his waist and handed one end to Araya. Then they slid into bushes on opposite sides of the path. When Hille came around the corner, they pulled hard on the sash.

Hille's foot snagged on something and he fell forward. His truncheon flew out of his hands and clattered on the path, striking the pavement the same time as his forehead. The pair emerged from the bushes. "Out cold," Araya said, checking the prone figure.

"Probably radioed for more, though," Dillon said. "We won't have time to set the bomb and get free." He picked up Hille's truncheon in his gloved hand. "Let's see what we can do while we are here."

The monument's image was well-known. Dillon and Araya, as much as anyone else, had been inundated with the image since childhood. It was the image of a nude man, allegedly the Saviour. As Dillon studied the statue before them in the large clearing at the center of the park, he got an idea. "Boost me up," he said. Araya lifted him up, and he perched precarious on the pedestal. He stretched out his arm. The statue's genitals were just in reach. Excellent.

Bracing himself as best he could, he transferred the truncheon to his left hand and swung it down on the stone phallus as hard as he could. The protrusion, worn by years of erosion, snapped off with a loud crack, falling into Araya's outstretched hands. Another loud crack followed a few seconds later, and Dillon's back blossomed with blood. He fell to the ground.

"Go!" he hissed to Araya, blood bubbling on his lips. She ran without a backward glance.

A few blocks later, satisfied no pursuit was in sight, she opened a grating and swung down into the sewers. As an afterthought, she tossed the stone phallus into a pool of slimy water before running off into the dark tunnels.

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