Water Gland

Adrain looked up from the spectrograph he was poring over. "Riestein, come look at this."

"Hmmm?" Riestein put down his spoon and tin of pudding and joined Adrain by the lab table with the cadaver.

Adrain indicated a large gland near the base of the skull. "Have you ever seen one of these before?"

Riestein peered more closely at the gland. "Not on a human, but...wait." He examined the passages flowing to and from the gland. "But I have seen analogous structures somewhere else. In the seawasp, perhaps. But in a human--no. And I'm at a loss to tell you how this person got one. Where did this cadaver come from?"

"One of your standard homeless bums. Of course, the cause of death was extremely strange. You know how they say you can die just from drinking too much water? Well, this guy did."

"Hmmm...that is strange. Most of the homeless cadavers are suffering more from dehydration than hyperhydration. Is that a word?"

Adrain shrugged. "In any case, the enzymes I saw in the gland were really strange. As near as I could tell, this gland would release some sort of chemical into the brain whenever there were large amounts of water in the system. I haven't yet ascertained the precise chemical, but it seems to be analogous to those produced during orgasm."

Riestein chuckled. "Not exactly a survival mutation, is it?"

Based on the words: Water Assent Gland Utensil

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