He didn't know how long he'd been living with the cats. It seemed like he always had been.

They gave him his food in a manner he couldn't quite fathom. They seemed to just call it out of nowhere. He'd grown to recognize the distinctive flash of colour that meant they were giving him food, and he always came running. They dodged out of his way with a look of annoyance.

Sometimes, in the evening, the cats would all sit in a circle and stare at something. He couldn't make out more of it than shifting enigmatic shapes, mostly colourless, and a bewildering array of scents.

One night, while the cats were watching this, he heard someone saying, "Hey!" A human voice. He hadn't heard a human voice in...he couldn't remember how long. He looked around wildly. "Hey!" it said again.

He looked towards the center of the circle. He could barely make out some human shape, but he couldn't see what it was doing. He stared at it, trying to see what was happening. But it was gone.

"You know what's really funny?" Brendi said to me last night. "When you're watching TV, and they have a cat meowing. All the cats just sit up instantly and look right at it. It was especially good when I only had one cat. It was totally bewildered that there could be another cat around."

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