The first time he met Mitzi was in Moscow. She walked up and asked him directions in Russian with a pronounced German accent. "Are you German?" he asked her in that language.

She smiled in relief. "Yes, I am. Thank you--what luck to run into a fellow German here!"

He was thinking the same. What a perfect cover she would be.

From Moscow, he persuaded her to join him on his voyage to Africa. Their journey across the savannah was their honeymoon--they were married in a pagodah in Cairo. He bought her a macaw as a wedding present, and they tried unsuccessfully to teach it to say their names.

She told him about her sylvan home, deep in the Black Forest. She had grown up there before moving to Munich, and wanted to take him back there to meet her parents. But he said, "All in due time."

She never suspected when he planted the bomb in her suitcase in Brazzaville. Before the incident was even on the news, he was on a plane back to Berlin.

<M. d'Nereverri gave me the words Macaw Savannah Pagodah Sylvan
With the additional condition one character must speak Russian with a pronounced German accent; this fact must be important to the story's course.>

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