The Nose Menace

On Wednesday I got this horrible itch on my nose. I started to scratch it, rather absentmindedly, when I heard this inhuman screech. Coming from the surface of my nose.

I tried to look and see what it might be, but I couldn't focus on it. So I rushed into the nearest washroom(garnering some strange looks from people in the hall)and stood with my nose an inch from the glass.

On the surface of my nose was a small torpedo-like object. Two tiny beings stood beside it. They looked vaguely humanoid but they were too small for me to be sure. Another of their kind lay prostrate on the ground--my nose, I mean--not very far away, apparently dead.

"You've killed him, you gargantuan brute!" one of them squeaked in a ludicrously high-pitched voice. "You're a menace to innocent travellers! When we get back to our home, we're going to bring a fleet and destroy you utterly!"

So I squashed them. The torpedo-thing got stuck in my thumb like a sliver, and I pulled it out that evening with tweezers. I put it in a little tray next to my bed, where I put loose buttons. The little men were squashed completely. But they tasted good when I licked off my thumb.

I have gotten a little paranoid about scratching my nose lately, though.

Based on the words: Nose Wednesday Menace Itch

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