Untitled(Microscope Weave Fish Fart)

Cele looked up as Dr. Mandrusiak entered. "Well?" she asked.

She sighed and set the package down on Cele's desk. "We haven't had any success in breaching it. It seems to be a normal fabric, but the weave is microscopic, X-ray opaque, and airtight. Furthermore, it goes rigid with any impact. I'm afraid all we've done is eliminate conventional means. Anything stronger, and we might damage the contents."

"We might have to take that chance," Cele said. Curious, she reached out and ran her hand along the fabric. "What--"

She never finished her sentence. At her touch, the fabric opened seamlessly in two places and belched forth two clouds of gas. Both hit Cele's face at the same instant. The last thing that registered in her consciousness was the smell--the combined stench of flatulence and dead fish.

Dr. Mandrusiak stepped behind the desk and pressed a button that sealed the room airtight. It would set off a telltale in Security, but they had some time yet. Soon the atmosphere of the room was mostly methane.

With a low beep, the case opened further and a tripodal being, dull red in colouring, was revealed. It twitched slightly as its enclosed atmosphere minged with that of the room. The oxygen stunk awfully to its senses. It indicated Cele with one appendage. <<This is the one?>>

Dr. Mandrusiak nodded. <<She will be able to get us access to many others, powerful ones. The takeover will be swift.>>

The being twitched its appendages. <<I hope you are right.>> It ambled over to where Cele's head was slumped on the desk. Then it extended its ovipositor into her ear.

<Based on the words: Microscope Weave Fish Fart
With the additional condition: All characters must be female.

Originally assigned to Ray Jones>

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