A Tale of The Multiple Defense Squad

Lily wasn't entirely sanguine about tonight's operation, but she'd been outvoted. Not all of her comrades were so democratic, but Lily and her Cohort were reliable.

<I don't see why we have to be your Cohort,> Doris griped. <Just because your name happens to be on the birth certificate.>

<It's just a formality,> Lily soothed. It was a bit silly in some ways, since often the birth-personality was entirely nonexistent. But, with her Cohort's help, she'd managed to survive and remain core, which she thought was more important than whatever name had been chosen by some bastard...

Dominique, ignoring the conversation, had been tarting themself up as she best knew how. That was one of the things that Lily hated the most. She never could walk well in high heels, but she might have to take over at the crucial moment and hope she didn't break her ankle if things went wrong.

"Nothing's going to go wrong," Dominique said, painting her eyelids. "None of these bastards have clued in yet to what the problem is. They've decided that the ones we've dealt with so far were just careless."

<They won't be able to let it slide this time, though. Jared is too high up in the hierarchy.> That was another reason Lily was nervous. Up until now, it had just been a few minor skirmishes, that their enemies hadn't even recognized as such. After this, it would be a full-fledged revolt, and Lily wasn't convinced they were ready.

<That's why they sent us to do this,> Doris said. <Because they know you're so chickenshit that you'll err on the side of caution, if at all.>

After a final once-over in the mirror, Dominique sighed. "As far as I'm concerned, we're all set."

<Okay,> Lily said, firming her resolve. <Let's go to it.>

Jared, or Jared the Strong as he styled himself, wasn't in the Inner Circle or anything, probably due to the same lack of caution which made him an easy enough target for them to go after him. He wasn't content with his mind-controlled harem like most were that had the power to manage them. Instead, every once in a while he decided he wanted some "fresh meat", as he so appealingly referred to it. His exploits were sufficiently renowned that they wouldn't suspect the spy who ensured that they knew exactly where he would be that night, not to mention how his tastes in women ran.

So when the big white limousine came roaring down the street, Dominique knew just how to stand, apparently waiting at the corner for the light to change. Sure enough, it screeched to a halt, leaving dark streaks on the pavement visible under the yellowish streetlights.

Jared didn't even bother to open the door. Dominique suddenly realized that inside that limousine was the sexiest man she could even imagine, and she started getting wet just thinking about him. She opened the door and barely managed to pull herself into her seat before she was overcome with an incredible orgasm.

Lily and Doris had their hands full restraining some of the Cohort's wilder personalities, normally quiescent, but reacting to the invasion of an outside mind like white blood cells streaming to the site of an infection. To too many of them, there were echoes of the original abuse that spawned them in defense.

<Not yet,> Lily said. <Not yet. Later you will get your chance.>

Dominique's head was bobbing up and down on Jared's penis, which Doris noted grudgingly was of a decent size, though certainly not the lance of doom he doubtless thought it was.

The driver, Lily noticed by cataloguing the sense impressions Dominique had been too distracted to pay attention to, was an older woman. Jared's mother tonight, then. Apparently he rotated the driving skills among his relatives, who he felt had suppressed his sexuality for too long.

Jared grunted, and Dominique swallowed his semen greedily, as if it were the only food she'd had for a week. The tide of the other personalities, some of them fusing under the pressure, grew stronger as the taste sensations percolated through the lower sections of their brain. What they demanded was tempting, but Lily knew that the time was not yet right. Jared was insinuating his tendrils through Dominique's mind, raping her there as well as elsewhere, but he was not yet fully into the trap.

Dominique, now riding his cock, shuddered into another orgasm, screaming and thrashing as she did so. Jared was not quite into his own, but was drawing closer. <Wait...wait...>

Finally he grabbed Dominique's hips and thrust himself hard into her. In echo, he extended himself more fully into her mind.

<Go,> Lily said, relaxing her restraints on the others as Doris did the same.

By the time Jared noticed that he wasn't the only other one in Dominique's head, they had their claws into him and were dragging him down. He fought back upwards, but Lily and Doris had moved to block the way as Dominique's personality sank into dormancy.

In less than a minute, it was over. After a brief negotiation, it was Doris who extricated herself from Jared's now-mindless body and rearranged their clothes. Then, with some relish, she withdrew the skewers from their hidden sheaths and drove them into Jared's eyes.

<What about the mother,> Lily asked.

Doris sighed. "We can't trust her. If she could have broken free, she would have. So she's not one of us. We can't risk leaving her behind."

<Well, we'd better move quickly. Jared's hold on her will be gone by now, but who knows how she'll react. Probably not rationally. We did kill her son, even if he was a monster who missed few opportunities to demonstrate this to her.>

"No problem," Doris said, extracting her garotte. "I'll take care of it."

Lily was getting worried about Doris. Ever since she'd melded with Lilith, she'd gotten more and more bloodthirsty, and was taking control more and more. That was how it had always been, though, Lily shrinking from the necessary tasks, letting Doris the reliable do what was necessary.

Which she did. After she put away the garotte, Doris drove the car back to where they'd stashed the pipe bomb, and set it to go off after they'd had time to get clear of the area. It was definitely war, now.

"All taken care of," Doris said. Was that condescension Lily heard? Pity? Disgust?

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