Omega Labs

Down the stairs, past the grubby "Gamma Labs" entrance.  Go through 
the door marked "Skindancer".  It's not a dead end; press your palm
against the wall at the end, and if you are meant to enter, it will
let you.

What you are told about Omega Labs is false.  They are not like the
others.  Except of course to the extent that they are like the pale
imitations, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and all the rest.  But they are all
nothing more than projections onto flat spaces of the complex high-
order shape that is Omega Labs.

The word "Labs" is really not a very accurate description.  It will
no doubt call to mind images of scientists working in their various
rooms, separately or in groups.  Their "labs" are to what you would
call "labs" as a human being is to a tobacco mosaic virus.

Why do they want you?  They may not know yet.  At least, not in the
sense that you and I "know" things.  Ineffably, you could say.  I'm
sure that it will become clear to you.  It always does, though when
exactly it happens varies a lot.  Sometimes not until you are under
the knife.

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