Palo Verde

Three twelve-year old boys in a dorm room. (One of us might have turned thirteen by then; I have no way of knowing.) There was only supposed to be two, but there was an odd one left over, so we got a bunk moved into our room and a third roommate.

ESP seemed possible. We resolved to try it.

Mark did fairly well. We were sending images, at first, and the way he visualized things was by having sheets of paper dropping down--blank at first, but with images of greater and greater detail over time. He was usually fairly close.

I didn't do as well. I didn't get successive sheets, just an overall image of colour, and rarely much more. As time went on, the predominant colour became more and more reddish.

This quite freaked me out. I got the idea that I was leaving my mind too open, and something Infernal was making its way in. I was too scared to leave my mind open for receiving after that.

I still am.

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