From The Ancient Tome of Arking Patraer

"...However, some places were cursed, with the sigil of a rho in a crossed circle. Did one leave one's car[?] in such a place, it would be marked by succubi and carried off by grunting trolls. These demons can often be appeased by silver. In fact, in some places cyclopean sentinels extorted coin for a limited time of guardianship.

"One of the charms used to ward off these demons involved setting flickering torches at the four corners. Due to an ancient covenant wherein this sigil was used to indicate a truce for the purposes of requesting aid, the demons are powerless to affect the car[?]. Some reports note that the efficacy of this method deteriorates over time, as the demons discover the ruse."

--From The Ancient Tome of Arking Patraer

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