Scrabble Epiphany

Fifi put down the letters "amino" to form the word "dimethylaminoethanol," encompassing three Triple Word Scores. Zynych cursed and overturned the board.

Fifi clucked her tongue. "You will never achieve gnosis this way. We must try again. Pick up the tiles."

At that moment, Fifi and her entire sect of Bunnies, or Lagomorphoi, or whatever they called themselves, irritated him almost to the point of ethnocide.

Then something clicked in his brain.

He picked up the tiles and put them back in the bag. "Let's try this again," he said. "I feel lucky." There was a glint in his eye.

<James H Woodyatt, our very own Dr. Strychnine, gave me

Four words: `dimethylaminoethanol,' `bunnies,' `ethnocide,' and `gnosis.'
Style preference: mainstream
Constraint: 100 words.>

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