Amazon Ambush

Silverfish watched the caravan move slowly down the road towards the ambush. There were a couple of motorbikes, but they were being pushed along because of the poor quality of the road back there. Besides, the pack animals wouldn't be able to keep up anyway. The bikers must just be scouts. She wondered what tribe they were from.

She signaled Bambi on the other side of the road. Then her and Bambi's squads moved silently back into heavy cover.

They could hear the caravan by now. She could hear the scouts gunning their motorcycles as they prepared to ride ahead. They'd reached the better stretch of road now. They would be on their guard. But they didn't have a chance anyway.

The motorbikes tore along the road. Their riders carried shotguns, and expected their body armor to protect them. But body armor didn't do much against monofilament wire.

By the time the bikers ran into the wire, the rest of the caravan was right between Silverfish and Bambi. They didn't notice what had happened to the scouts right away. Until the bikes hit a bump, and the heads of the bikers were thrown off their necks and onto the road. Then one of the guards yelled, and the squads opened fire.

It was over quickly. The guards were just men, and they were only paid. The squads had stronger motives. The guards didn't even get to see their attackers.

It was only a couple of minutes later that Silverfish emerged from the bushes and went to inspect their prize. Some of the horses were dead, but most had been spared, and the squad dispersed to calm them. Bambi's squad remained hidden, just in case.

There were a few litters in the caravan. One contained only bodies--a fat man wearing many rings, and a barely nubile girl. Silverfish clicked her tongue. Too bad about the girl, but good riddance to the fat man. In another there huddled a fat woman and another girl, unharmed but scared shitless. In the gentlest voice she could manage, Silverfish said, "It's all right. We won't hurt you. You're free now. Free from their oppression." The fat woman wailed at this, and the girl's dull expression changed little. The bitch's probably got her drugged, Silverfish thought, and motioned for a couple of others to guard them.

The third litter contained a young couple, also terrified. The man had a bookish look about him, wearing spectacles and holding a book in a tense grip. His wife was slightly plump, and clinging to her husband. Silverfish motioned to them to get out of the litter. When they didn't move, she said "Get OUT!" in her best drill-sergeant voice. They obeyed, the women sobbing, the man looking little better. "Your names?"

The man spoke up. "I'm Lorand Pullishy, and this is my wife, Gina-Kim. Please! Don't hurt us!"

Silverfish raised her gun, and Lorand Pullishy wet his pants. Then she smiled and lowered it again. "Do you know what this caravan is carrying?"

Lorand shook his head spasmodically. "We just came as passengers, going to Boulder. We heard there was a vacancy...Gina-Kim's father's paying our way... it's our honeymoon. Nobody told us what was in here."

Silverfish beckoned to them to follow and they went back to the wagons. She threw the tarpaulin off the first one. "Guns. A fair shipment. Being sent to Boulder, by your father, Madame Gina-Kim Graziunus Pullishy, to his friend Lord Vandeklahorst, in response to the 'Amazon Ambush' squads. I guess he thought we didn't know about this route."

She went to the second wagon and pulled off the tarp. "Drugs. For Lord Vandeklahorst's thriving slave trade. Probably this caravan would be carrying slaves, on the way back. Many of our number used to be slaves, and I'm sure you'd like us all to be."

A third wagon. "This one contains food, so it'll be useful, at least. This'll set us up for a few more weeks."

She turned suddenly on the Pullishies. "So, what'll it be? Do you come with us, or do you die here with the rest?" She raised her gun again, pointing it at Lorand's head. "Hmmm?"

There was only one answer he could give, and he gave it. Silverfish nodded in satisfaction. They needed another source of seed, anyway. The last one was getting uppity.

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