Sometimes I think that, if I could, I would remove humanity from the Earth and just watch it.

Not that I have anything against humanity. But I'm fascinated with the processes by which humanity's traces could be hidden, and perhaps finally eradicated.

Not just the buildings, the ruins of New York and Toronto and Chicago, London and Calcutta and Paris, joining Zimbabwe and Çatal Hüyük. The garbage fascinated me, too. Would the vast sheafs of paper, wood and cardboard be recycled by industrious bookworms or their ilk?

Would nonbiodegradable plastic eventually fall victim to flames, or even to the purifying heat of lava? Meteor impacts? Or perhaps unattended nuclear reactors?

What new creatures would evolve to fill the niches so long left empty? Would the rats who had lived so long off the detritus of humanity fail and die without their benefactors?

I would like to watch all these things, and find out. A gigantic simulation for my benefit. SimEarth will not suffice--an insufficient level of detail. I am reminded of the story of the man who is summoned by a demon, and in return, at the moment of his death claims the demon's eternal service in aiding his spirit in exploring the wonders of the universe.

I would just watch the Earth. Though getting rid of the humans would be the hard part.

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