Loose Lips

Jerzy watched Suez sink the last ball, and sighed. He'd been suckered again. "Another game?" Suez asked, grinning.

Jerzy shook his head. "I know when I'm beat." He stretched. "Geez, it must be 4 am by now." He walked into the bathroom.

He was washing his hands in the sink when he heard someone else enter the bathroom and say, "I've often wished I could have a monogrammed cue."

Jerzy recognized the code phrase and said, "My initials spell an obscene word." Then he turned to see a man he didn't recognize. "It's about time. I didn't think you were coming--I was about to go back to my ship." He extended his hand. "Jerzy Tassore."

The other's voice was crisp. "I know who you are, Lieutenant. And as to who I am, you are not to know. You may call me Jasmine."

Jerzy shrugged. "Whatever. So, do you have a story to account for me being in this sink of pestilence and corruption six hours after I was supposed to report back to my ship?"

Jasmine nodded. "A police office will testify to finding you naked and unconscious in an alley, with your wallet missing. You'll have to be somewhat roughed up, but that was part of the plan anyway." He opened the door and beckoned, and Suez came in carrying a pool cue.

Suez grinned. "Sorry, guy. You know how it is." He proceeded to thrash the Lieutenant thoroughly, over Jerzy's surprised resistance. Then he and Jasmine stood looking down on him. "He really doesn't know what he's doing, does he?"

Jasmine shook his head as they stripped off his uniform and replaced it with a suit of local clothes laced with special threads. "The fool will sink his own ship when he gets back on board, and all the evidence will go with him. In any case, he took care not to be seen coming here, so his disappearance will be a mystery. And our police officer will also disappear mysteriously before tomorrow."

Suez shrugged, examining sadly his somewhat splintered pool cue. "Ah, well, this one was due to be replaced anyway," he said. He tossed it into the fire as they re-entered the bar, Jasmine effortlessly carrying Jerzy's unconscious form on his shoulder. "Care for a game?" he asked.

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sink sink sink sink

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