Armitage stirred his coffee moodily. "I saw Noelette again yesterday."

Brendin looked up. "Really? I haven't seen her since she got married. What was her husband's name again?"

Armitage thought for a moment. "Uzi Kruka, or something like that. Anyways, she looked happy. She was wearing one of those 'Hugs and backrubs--I break Rule 6' buttons. First thing I thought to myself was, 'When the hell did Noelette get into fandom?' I mean, you know she never could stand any of that stuff."

Brendin nodded. "That's true. I remember how she got so pissed off at us that one time that we missed her birthday party to hit the WorldCon. I mean, it wasn't like it was a significant birthday, or anything. Who makes a big deal about their 23rd birthday? But she did. She was so upset she wouldn't talk to us for more than three weeks. Hey--it was her birthday again yesterday, wasn't it? May 23rd?"

"Yup. Hell, maybe that was her problem--her 23rd birthday on the 23rd, eh? That'd be just like Noelette. She always like that numerology stuff."

Brendin nodded again in agreement. "She had to make sure that her married name added up to the right number. I remember she turned down Jeriel Soroka for that. He had a crush on her from Grade 5--remember that?"

"Anyways, she said she's enjoying being married. She's got five kids now--no shit! And her husband's pulling in 50 grand a year. She was a bit vague on what he did, but it's lucrative, anyway. And she showed me a picture of her house, one of those ones taken from above. Looks almost like a smaller version of the Pentagon. She says they built it themselves." Armitage looked at his watch. "Shit, back to work in 5 minutes. Want an apple? My wife packed an extra Golden Delicious for me this morning."

"Don't mind if I do. So I wonder what Jack'll have us doing today?"

Based on the words: Button Yesterday Hug Frequency

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