Commonwealth Nomads

The first thing you need is a map of the Commonwealth.  These are
not as easy to acquire as you might think.  Of course, in a place
like the Republic, you take it for granted.  But here you will be
scrutinized most carefully first.  They see no need for anyone to
know more than their immediate surroundings, and that only in the
vaguest of terms.  But at the moment we are at peace, so all that
you need will be supplied, if grudgingly.

Of course, if you do that, you will be watched as you travel, for
they will still think you a spy.  So perhaps we should supply you
with a map instead.  Ours will contain more important information
as well, like prime scavenge sites.

The government does not approve of scavenging, but it is close to
impossible to determine what has been scavenged and what acquired
through normal means.  Besides, if it cracked down, a quarter, or
maybe a third, of the people would find themselves become outlaws
suddenly.  And that is too much to be comfortable.  As a visitor,
you are expected to be ignorant of scavenging, and thus not to be
held responsible for scavenged property that you end up acquiring
by what must certainly be mistake.  So don't worry.  Word will be
spread, and you won't have to get your hands dirty.

What you want is something that will allow you good defensibility
and mobility.  A Winnebago would be ideal.  That's one thing, for
sure, that we have over you Republickers.  We may have to pay far
too much in taxes, but we see some of it come back to us, and the
roads are in excellent condition wherever you will want to go.  A
Winnebago enables you to carry enough cargo to sustain you if you
should need to evade detection and contact us.

What else do we need?  Oh, yes, you need to be disposed of.  Your
current identity, that is.  A conveniently unidentifiable body, a
plausible accident.  Condolences sent back to the Republic.  Will
they use this as the excuse?  Ah, just one of many straws.  Not a
bad idea--more buildup will make you look better to the others in
our little international community.

And then your new identity.  We do have a few surgeons, yes.  You
can have a bit of say, of course, but we can't have you being too
conspicuous.  I'm afraid that you won't be able to use your looks
to win over Commonwealth women anymore.  And we'll have to ensure
that that lovely exotic accent of yours disappears as well.  Just
too recognizable.  So we'll be coaching you in dialectics till we
are quite satisfied you will not give yourself away.

And, hey presto, you're one of the Commonwealth Nomads.  You will
probably not see us very much, but you will have contacts.  No, I
will not be one of them.  You'll probably never see me again.  It
is a pity, indeed.  Well, if we are successful, of course, then I
suppose it is possible.  No, you're correct.  I am not optimistic
at all about our chances.  But...well, that story is too long for
the short time we have left.  I can hear the motors from down the
road.  Suffice it to say that I have my reasons for having joined
this hopeless fight.  I imagine you have yours.  Let's just leave
it at that.
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