"You ever read any of those stories where people live backwards?"

"What, you mean like Merlin, or the guy in Bearing An Hourglass?"

"I can't believe you read that Piers Anthony crap. But no, not like that. I mean like people who are 'born' old, get younger throughout their lives, and then 'die' as babies."

"I think so. What about 'em?"

"Well, what would sex be like?"

"Not sure what you mean. It would depend on whether everything went backward--semen spurting back into the penis, the orgasm coming first, if at all, and then all the hard work... Or if it was just the aging that went backward."

"I never could believe that it would work with everything going backwards. The arrow of time thing and all. Uneating food, unsmoking cigarettes, unfucking... I guess what I was thinking was that you would start out being inexperienced and have a body without a lot of stamina. In other words, the mental disadvantages of youth and the physical disadvantages of age. Which would turn around when you got 'younger', but would you have racked up as much experience by that point? And maybe 'youth' would be considered unattractive."

"What if hymens grew back after the last time you had sex? That would be a drag. 'Well, I guess this is the last time...' But then, there'd be a fair amount of determinism in that kind of life. You'd know more or less how long you have to live by how old you were when they exhumed you and you started breathing again...and how would it work with returning to the womb? Would you know who your mother was, and sort of wander to her side when you got too 'young' to take care of yourself? But those are problems with those kinds of stories to begin with. Reproduction would have to take place in reverse, and the population would be continually decreasing, unless you had an anti-plague with large numbers of people coming to life all at once."

"Yeah, you're right. Let's just watch some porn on rewind, okay?"

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