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All About Go For Broke Racing

Here is a little about Go For Broke Racing. How we started, and where we are now, as well as a few short stories from our, umm, "experiences".
We have been active as dragracers for 10 years and watching for many years previously. At one time we called ourselves the RHRT. But eventually Dave and I came up with the name Go For Broke Racing, since it seemed to fit in more than one way!!
To date our best season has been 1993 where I was season runner-up in sportsman. I also finished third in the CCHRA all class points race.
In 1994 I decided that racing for the points was too much trouble. So I spent the year racing just for the enjoyment. On more than one of the Sundays I wish I hadn't though. Sometimes Saturday night ended up being FAR tooo late, if you know what I mean. But the year was still a good one as I ended up in 6th in points.
Since I wanted to finish my own car, I never raced in 1995, but spent the season helping Wayne with his Duster as well as helping Reg Deforest with his alcohol powered big block altered. On the last Saturday T&T I was able to bring out the Aspen for the day to help shake things out a bit. Which was a good thing, since there were a few problems to iron out.
In 1996 there seemed to be too many un-nerving things going on at the track. So rather than bear with it all the time Wayne and I decided that we could do better. We traveled a little. Going to Calgary, and Saskatoon. We had a good year, took a little money home and most important had fun!! The Aspen ran fairly consistently so we spent most of our time working with the Duster. We never did make the 11's but it did run a 12.11 once. Awful close for a relatively mild small block!!
Since 1996, we haven't been active as racers, but have been active in racing, both helping other teams, and, of course, as very interested spectators. And now with the adoption of our daughter and son, it'll be a couple more years before we are finally able to get back onto the track. For more information about GBR and our stories, just head over to here.

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